Toyota Tacoma Trucks–A Brief History

It has been over four decades since Toyota Motors started its venture in the American truck market in 1964.It was a very basic Toyota Regular Cab with a compact pick-up bed and square look.The truck,powered by a 1.9L 85Hp 4-cylinder engine,came with basic facilities and very few options.For the next two decades Toyota trucks remained unchanged with some minor tweaks.

In the 1979 model year,the Japanese car maker launched Toyota Pickup,a four-wheel drive option with an enhanced 2.2L 96Hp powertrain.These changes made Toyota trucks a huge hit in the North American market and the success was followed by a series of awards-Toughest Truck of the Year by 4×4 and Off-Road Vehicles, 4WD of the Year by Pickup and 4WD Vehicle of the Year by Off-Road.

From then on,the truck production divided in two separate lines the–4×2 and 4×4 models.By 1981,Toyota truck Xtracab models were introduced in the market with choices of diesel and gasoline engines.Changes and modifications continued to give it a more car like feel.

During the period 1988-1989,the Toyota trucks emerged as more powerful with a 3.0L V6 and the wheelbase extended from 103 inches to 122 inches.In the meantime,Toyota Pickup got a boost with turbo charged engines and Independent Front Suspension (IFS).It was the predecessor of present Toyota Tacoma.

In 1995,Toyota launched the brand new Tacoma,designed and manufactured on the American soil.The Tacoma came with two main options–the 2WD models with a 2.4L 142Hp four-cylinder powertrain and the $WD model with a 2.7L 150Hp four-cylinder engine.Standard safety features included adjustable seatbelt anchors,driver-side airbags,and improved side view mirrors.

In 2001,The Toyota Tacoma ushers in to a new model year with more sophisticated interior and aggressive exterior styling.The Toyota Double Cab was made available for the first time.The pick up truck combined the passenger comfort and roominess of a SUV with the toughness of a cargo hauler.

The much bigger 2006 Tacoma model standardized some more options with minor facelifts for the 2007 models.Slight mechanical changes were done to ensure better fuel economy and higher performance than its forerunners.

The 2008 model is a carryover from 2007 while the 2009 Toyota Tacoma has received a whole new lot of entertainment and safety features including 6-disc CD player,new steering wheel controls,Vehicle Stability Control (VSC),four-wheel Anti-lock Brakes System and an electronic Brake-Force Distribution System with Brake Assist.The revised interior design offers improved comfort level and added entertainment during drive.

The 2009 Tacoma Access Cab gets standard power windows and door locks along with redesigned rear seats for enhanced passenger comfort and convenience.Higher trim levels offer optional Bluetooth enabled Premium JBL 6-CD audio system with integrated XM satellite radio.

Finally,the 2010 Toyota Tacoma appeals to those who need a mid-size or compact pickup loaded with latest entertainment amenities and topnotch safety features in addition to fuel efficiency and hauling capabilities.The vehicle’s exterior is apparently unchanged from its last year versions.The 2010 Toyota trucks come in three cab styles-2010 Tacoma Regular Cab,Double Cab with four side doors and extended Access Cab with hinged rear doors.Equipped with the most advanced DynamicControl technology and Electronic Throttle Control System with intelligence (ETCS-i) 2010 Toyota Tacoma is a hot seller in the mid-size pickup truck category.

Some Tips for Insured on Keeping Your Auto Insurance Premium Rates Down

car insurance
you can use car insurance rates comparison

There are so many ways that you can use to keep your auto insurance rates down and some of them you can use at the same time as other discounts to maximize your savings.

Here are some things that you can ask your auto insurance company for:

- Ask if you can receive a discount if you have more than one type of insurance with their company. For instance, you may find that you can have your auto insurance and your homeowner’s insurance with this company and they will provide you with a combined discount. Carry all of your insurance policies with them, such as auto, home, and life and you may find that you can get even more money off.

- If the driver of the car is a student or is listed as a driver on the car, you may find that you can get a good student discount. This is where the student maintains at least a B average on their report card. You may be required to take that report card to the automobile insurance company each time it comes out, but it really pays off. If grades go down, the discount may disappear until the grades go back up.

- See if there are any safe driver discounts available. When you haven’t had a ticket or an accident, you may find that there are discounts available for you.

- If you are a senior citizen and you’ve not had any accidents in a specific amount of time, there may be discounts available to you.

- You can always raise your deductible to cheaper car insurance premium online from auto insurer. However, you need to keep in mind that doing so will result in a higher out-of-pocket expense if an accident does occur. The standard deductible is $500, but some individuals will go as high as $2,000 to save some money on their premium. If you can pay $2,000 if an accident occurs, then that will work fine. Just make sure your deductible is not higher than what you can afford in case damage is done to your car and you need to pay it.

- You may wish to shop around. You may find a company that offers the same coverage for a lower price. You always want to compare before you make a commitment.

You want to use all of these tips so that you can save yourself quite a bit of money.

How you can compare auto insurance quotes online?

When finding the right company to do business with, it is very important that you compare. You can do this by calling companies and recording the different rates that they quote you. You can also do this by going to their websites and filling out the forms on their websites to receive quotes for the auto insurance you want. This allows you to compare in a much easier way. Take all of that information and make an informed decision.

By: Toyota USA Blog

An Efficient Toyota Exhaust Manifold on the Way to Performance

toyota racing
The exhaust system of Toyota is made up of a number of working components and parts. To have even just one failing part in the system, the performance of the exhaust assembly and the entire auto will be compromised. One of the integral exhaust parts of every Toyota model is the Toyota Exhaust Manifold. The exhaust manifold, also known as the header, works well with the other pipes which make up the entire exhaust system. Technically, the exhaust manifold is a pipe that is designed to collect the exhaust gases from the multiple cylinders of the engine, directing these gases into just one pipe. Because of the special function that this part performs, the exhaust manifold may also serve as a connection point for the pipes in the system. Depending on the model and the year of the auto, as well as the emission equipment that is installed in the vehicle, the header may also serve as the mounting location for the hardware of the air injection system or for the oxygen sensor. Typically, the Toyota Exhaust Manifold is crafted from durable materials like cast iron or tubular steel. This exhaust device is usually installed and mounted in the exhaust side of the cylinder head. To make the manifold leak-proof and keep the gases within the pipes, a reliable exhaust gasket is used for the effective sealing of the said part. And although simple cast irons are typically employed in the crafting of the manifold, a restrictive tube may be replaced with individual headers which are designed and tuned for low restriction and better performance if the vehicle owner wants to upgrade the efficiency of the exhaust system and the power-producing capacity of the engine. The headers which are available in the market today can be classified into two. The collector type of headers uses pipes that will merge the collector and can be used in conjunction with the mufflers. The zoomie headers, on the other hand, have no collectors and are used primarily on race cars for racing applications. These aftermarket parts are hardworking components in the Toyota exhaust system. And though these performance components are expected to perform overtime in the system, they rarely encounter problems on the road. However, though the manifold may not be replaced often, it is still imperative to check on the said part regularly. The only thing that the vehicle owner should worry about is the warping that could happen to the pipes because of excessive heat. The use of straightedge or the feeler gauge will allow drivers and vehicle owners to check the machined surface of the exhaust manifold. Another problem that could probably torment every manifold is cracking. This problem is due to the extreme pressure and the high temperature that is generated by the Toyota engine. Typically, this will occur after the Toyota auto passes through a bump on the road and cold water suddenly splashes on its hot surface. If the manifold is warped beyond repair and damaged for a number of reasons, it is better to replace the said part immediately. A replacement Toyota Exhaust Manifold can be easily secured from aftermarket auto parts stores and automotive specialty shops.

The Truth and Lies About Your Car Insurance

car insurance
If you are a newbie in insurance policies, it is best to be educated on the subject. There are many myths and realities in dealing with insurance companies. It is necessary for you to have a general idea about such insurance rates so that you won’t have problems later on.

Car insurance is needed by people who want to be assured that their cars won’t experience distress, especially when the time comes and they get into an accident or anything else. There are things in this world that you have to be aware and to prepare for. This is why it is vital to assess and choose the most affordable and most reasonable price for your car insurance.

Hence, it is true that the insurance quotes reflect the cost of certain automobile- related expenses. In fact, there are many explanations on how the increasing cost of such insurances is accumulated.

Each year millions of people get into car accidents that involve personal injury. With this type of incidents, the typical price range of such treatment is around $6,000 to $9,000. Thus, this can easily turn into tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of car.

This problem is actually joined by the trouble of increasing claims of automobile injury, which are currently as much as 30 % in some states. These dilemmas can turn into the new car insurance holder’s burden of additional payments or premiums.

Moreover, another reason for this is the legal expenses that the company needs to pay due to the fact that an average jury award for vehicular liability cases are continuing to rise and can put up the pressure on auto insurance rates.

An average liability can cost from about $187,000 up to $269,000. This was the estimated record from the year 1994 up to the year 2000, respectively. Thus, the number one cause of death for people ages 1 up to 34 is car accident.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, these deaths cost more than $150 billion annually. People who are under the use of prohibited drugs, alcohol abuse, high- speed driving and are not using a seat belt are the leading people who are at risk of such an accident. Auto repair has also increased because of the rapid advancing age of technology, along with construction and design that have now become a must in this era. Automotive innovations and repair costs have increased tremendously and thus, higher car insurance may ensue because of this.

Hence, there is a notion that red cars cost more insurance. This is not true. Colour is never a determinant factor in calculating one’s car insurance rate. The factors that are important are the year, model, body, type, engine size and the age of the car. Even if you have a cheap car but you have a large engine, or it is an unusual model, it might cost a lot to have it insured as compared to a more expensive small car.

Then again, you will pay for a lesser amount in comprehensive coverage, which can cover the damage that is usually brought about by vandalism, hail, fire or even animal accidents. There is also a case, in which, two speeding tickets can make your car insurance rate go up.

Plus, it is also not true that every car insurance company can charge anyone on any way they please. Despite the increasing expenses of this company, they still have a way of covering all the damages and they also have regulators that review their customer rates.

It is also important to take note of the amount of your car, where in, it’s insurance will most likely have a relative cost to. This is due to the fact that some companies shoulders only a minimum amount and will not cover certain accidents. Of course, this will result into a lawsuit but they will not include all the damages. So, it is wiser to read your terms and conditions.

Thus, if someone drives your car and there is an accident, you will still be the one held responsible. You will be financially responsible for the accident. In most states, the car insurance that covers the accident is considered the primary insurance holder, which means that the insurance company is the one that should pay for the damages. Hence, there are cases that it is not enough and the driver’s insurance is the next in line to pay for the remaining damages. This is primarily why you need to know the car insurance policy in your state, as well as the laws that go hand in hand with it. States and even countries differ in policies politically and geographically.

Aside from this, there are also other factors that are being considered for car insurance rates. Of course, your rate won’t be the same as that of your neighbours. Your age, nature of your work, driving record, type of vehicle and marital status are all considered. This can really vary depending on the company’s standards. Sometimes, your charge can go down when you turn 25 because this is the time when car accidents go down. The extremes of ages, like that of a teenager and that of the forty year old individual is where the accident rate is at its highest.

Lastly, there is a so called rental reimbursement that can cover and pay for your rental car. This is for cases, wherein, you are on vacation and you just rented a car that resulted into an accident. This will help drivers pay for the damages to the car but this still depends on the limits you selected. Having more than one insurance policy is not really money- saving technique. In fact, it is more expensive. Most of the time, you can save your money by getting the best rate available in one company. Thus, if you want different types of insurance like that of the auto and homeowners insurance, you can look for another company that can give you the best deal. At times, you will get better deals from different insurance companies.

Car insurance is a way of preparing yourself for some stressful moments while driving your car. Getting one doesn’t mean that you are already assuming that you will encou7nter car theft or car accidents. Getting car insurance is a lot like accepting the reality that these things happen and that it is best to be prepared. This is better than not having a car insurance at all and end up paying more, just because you decided is best not to have one. Since car insurances these days have death or disability insurance for the driver or owner of the car, it is a lot like caring for your family and loved ones by leaving them with nothing to worry about.

Since there are many car insurance agencies these days, it is best to assess each one and check which has been in the industry for a long time. You can also check with friends for referrals. This is actually the best thing to do as compared to believing in advertisements and flyers.

By: Toyota USA Blog

Toyota SUVs Safety

toyota venza
Toyota SUVs are well known for both quality and technology. The Land Cruiser, Venza, Sequoia and Highlander are some of the remarkable SUVs of the Toyota make. Recently, Toyota has added another stunning SUV called “4Runner” to their SUV line up. The Toyota 4Runner 2009 is said to have equipped with the latest technologies. You may be aware of the fact that Toyota concentrates more on improving the safety features of the vehicles, and this approach is reflected in the Toyota 4Runner. With the Toyota 4Runner becoming more important in the automotive world, we decided to dive in to the new SUV and test some of its features. We were able to experience 3 stunning features made available in the Toyota 4Runner.

1. The Vehicle Stability Control System

The vehicle stability control system (VSC) is used in most of the Toyota’s modern SUVs. However, this system seems to be more effective with the Toyota 4Runner. This electronic system really helps to maintain the vehicle control even while driving on the roughest terrain. This vehicle stability control system used in Toyota 4Runner will be of much use to the novice off-road enthusiasts. By driving the Toyota 4Runner, they will be able to experience the thrill of off-road adventure safely than ever before.

2. The Full time 4-wheel drive with Torsion

If you are a WRC spectator, you should have noted that the recent FIA World Rally Championships were won by the full time 4-wheel drive vehicles with the Torsion technology. The Torsion differential used in rally cars provided the vehicles with increased stability. This same technology is used in the Toyota 4Runner.

3. The Assist Controls

Two types of assist controls are used in the Toyota 4Runner. The hill start assist control (HAC) helps the driver to prevent backward rolling of the vehicle while driving in steep hill stations. The downhill assist control play a vital part in maintaining the stability of the vehicle on steep downhill descents. This feature of the Toyota 4Runner will be a boon to the off road enthusiasts. People who like to enjoy the thrill of off-road adventure should definitely can opt Toyota 4Runner even for this feature alone.

Where to buy Toyota 4Runner

Buying Toyota 4Runner from the authorized Toyota dealers has many benefits. Some of the authorized Toyota dealers in Pittsburgh provide a lifetime warranty for all the Toyota vehicles. To the added advantage, you can find all the genuine accessories for the Toyota 4Runner available with these authorized Toyota dealers. You can also easily get financial assistance for buying Toyota cars from the authorized dealers. What are you waiting for? Grab the keys of the best SUV of the year “The Toyota 4Runner” today and experience the thrill of off-road adventure safely.

Tims and Toyota Venza

toyota venza
Recently, Tim Horton’s offered its Canadian customers the chance to win a Toyota Venza in the latest round of its “Roll Up The Rim To Win” contest. You know the drill: peel back the lip of your coffee cup and you could find yourself behind the wheel of Toyota’s newest crossover vehicle….apparently, 35 Venzas in total will be given away.

So what did you get if you were one of the lucky ones? I’m not sure, but it looks like a compact wagon with oversize wheels and tires, is available with all-wheel-drive, is manufactured in Kentucky, and built on the Camry platform.

There are two engine choices: a 2.7 litre four cylinder and a 3.5 litre V6, and you can choose from front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. My tester had the latter engine with FWD, but the former may be the largest in-line four-banger on the market these days. Normally, manufacturers run into all kinds of engineering issues when four cylinder engines get up into displacement this large….usually in the form of vibrations and harmonics. Big in-line four cylinder engines tend to rock and roll and often need internal counter-balancers to smooth everything out. I haven’t had the chance to drive the I-4 model yet, but I’d like to just to see how Toyota has dealt with this problem.

But back to the V6. This engine is used elsewhere in the company’s model line-up, and in this configuration, develops 268 horsepower. It’s mated to a six-speed automatic transmission only, and features things like a transmission cooler, adaptive shifting, and a Hill-Start Assist Control. This last item prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when you’re stopped on a hill and has been used by Subaru for years, albeit in a slightly different form. It’s standard on all models. The adaptive shifting feature, meanwhile, will hold the transmission in a lower gear when climbing a hill under load as well as automatically dropping it down to a lower gear when descending. Also a common feature with many manufacturers these days, but welcome, just the same.

What struck me about this drivetrain was how lively it was. Despite its 1755 kilogram weight, the Venza is blessed with all kinds of snap and this engine redlines at 6200 rpm. Kick it down into passing gear and you’ve got a rocket on your hands, with maybe a titch in the way of torque steer when driven with enthusiasm. The V6 version can also tow up to 1587 kilograms and, like all Toyota V6 powerplants, is smooth, quiet, and civilized.

Reasonably high standard equipment level as well. For its just under $30, 000 base price, the V6 model comes with a climate control system, heated mirrors, tilt/telescoping steering, power adjustable driver seat, cruise control, power door locks, and a full tank of gas. All kinds of airbags to front, side, side curtain, and knee….front and back. Surprisingly, heated front seats are an option. My tester also had the “Premium” package, which includes a back-up camera, a decent-sized power sunroof, and power rear door.

The Venza seats five, and the back seats fold down 60/40 fashion, either via a couple of levers located on the sides of the rear cargo compartment or by pulling up on a lever on the sides of the seats themselves. Again, kind of cool and simplicity itself. So many vehicles of this stripe make you struggle when you want to open things up and I’m surprised someone hasn’t thought of this before. Full marks here.

In fact, there’s isn’t much to complain about inside, period. The shift lever is set halfway up the centre console and is easy to get at and quite usable. I was slightly surprised Toyota hasn’t installed a column shifter here, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference either way. A multi-information display is located atop the dash and it tells you things like outside temperature and whether or not one of the doors is ajar. You can also adjust the size of the display itself, which is kind of cool. After I had driven this car for awhile, it struck me how thoroughly Toyota has mastered the craft of making automobiles. I’m not sure the market needs a rig like the Venza, but either way, Toyota knows what customers want and gives it to them. In this case, I suppose the Venza is aimed at those folks who want a bit more room to carry stuff, but have had it with mini-vans and oversize SUVs.

Aside from the fact that the wheels look kind of freakishly large and the V6 is a little headstrong under hard acceleration, I can find little to complain about with the Venza. It’s easy to get in and out of, comfortable once you’ve settled in, reasonably roomy, and smooth in operation. Some may find the interior fittings a little on the bland side, but that’s not news. Toyota has always aimed for the middle ground and mainstream buyers; it knows its markets and the current economic downturn notwithstanding, has the numbers to prove it.

Toyota Celica Parts: the Key to Heavenly Performance

The Toyota Celica derived its name from the Spanish word “calico,” which means “from the heavens” or “celestial.” Just like other Toyota vehicles, Toyota Celica is well-acclaimed for its reliability on the road brought by its durable Toyota Celica parts and useful Toyota Celica parts accessories. Intended for motorists who feel youthful, love fun, and adore style, the Toyota Celica has proven to be more than just a basic means of transportation. After years of planning for the vehicle’s development that began as early as 1967, the Toyota Celica was finally rolled out for public consumption in 1971. It was modeled after the EX-1 “Car of the Future,” thus it exuded style that was considered radical at the time of its production. Its significance even extended to the launch of the sporty subcompact market segment.

Offered only in ST form and as a two-door sport-coupe, the Celica was aimed to be an image car instead of a high-volume car. If truth be known, it was actually Toyota’s version of the Mustang. The first Celica was geared with a carbureted four-cylinder engine displacing 1.6 liters. It performed well in the market with its first major change taking place in 1974 in the form of the GT. This model featured a two-liter engine, which had been behind Celica’s powerful performance for the next 11 years. Succeeding Celica generations revolved around Toyota’s inline-4 engines, although some were operated by 4-cylinders. Despite providing lower performance, they were more economical. In 1986, the car’s drive layout was modified from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive, becoming the most important element that shaped Celica’s history. The first three generations witnessed Celicas in the US market being driven by the different versions of Toyota’s R series engines. From 1986 to 1999, a four-wheel drive turbocharged model, labeled as “All-trac” in the US or “GT-Four” in Japan and Europe, was manufactured. Late 1997 Japanese models showcased the Variable Valve Timing, which became standard in all 2000 models and onwards.

Seven generations have come and gone with the model undertaking a number of revisions and design forks. This included the Toyota Celica Supra, which was to be known later on as the Toyota Supra. The presence of Celica was experienced in the forms of the notchback, liftback coupe, and convertible. In 1998, however, rumors circulated that the Toyota Celica would soon vanish from the Toyota lineup. While the MR2 and Supra were withdrawn from Japan, the current model of the Celica had not undergone any redesign since 1993. So Toyota decided to completely revamp the Celica to give the market what it was looking for. From being a sporty or luxury car, the Toyota Celica is now presented as the “Extreme, Young and Racy” vehicle. It promises to deliver powerful performance at a very reasonable price.

The car would not have lasted seven generations without the help of Toyota’s constant innovations on its parts and accessories. Toyota Celica parts and accessories are the main product of Toyota’s technical expertise in building cars of superior engineering. These highly advanced features of top class design have placed Toyota Celica among the best in the car industry. Finding Toyota Celica replacement parts is as easy as pie with hundreds of online stores to choose from. This is also true for installing Toyota Celica parts accessories that are readily available at present. Replacing damaged Toyota Celica parts may require the help of a professional mechanic. However, with a handy repair manual and the right tools, this can also be done at home.

By: Toyota USA Blog

Car Insurance Secrets, 8 Secrets Your Car Insurer Won’t Tell You

car insurance
Keeping your premiums from rising? That can feel like playing a game where the rule maker refuses to tell you the rules.

*If you have good credit, you’ll pay less on car insurance.

Almost all car insurers including the top five pull your credit report.

Why? Studies have shown a direct correlation between your credit score and the likelihood that you will file a claim.

Car Insurers also know that if you pay your bills in a timely fashion and have had the same credit accounts for a long time, you’re more stable than someone who pays late and frequently opens and closes accounts.

Car insurers use this information to create your “insurance risk score,” which is one factor that determines your car insurance rate.

Tip: Your car insurance risk score is not available to you, but it may be similar to your credit score. If you have unusual credit activity, wait a month for it to return to normal before buying car insurance.

*Your car model affects your premium car insurance. You won’t get these numbers from your Car insurer. But the car insurers do have a rating system for every car make and model.

Most use a system devised by the Car Insurance Services Office, which starts with the cost of the vehicle and then factors in safety and theft data.

Tip: You can file a claim on your home insurance. Most home insurance policies will cover smaller, less expensive items such as compact discs.

*Bad drivers will pay

You’ll pay for your bad driving. The industry standard is to increase your premium by 40% of the insurer’s base rate after your first at fault accident. Not all car insurers play by this rule.

Tip: Some car insurance companies have a forgive the first accident policy. So ask your Car insurance company if it has a forgiveness policy and how to qualify? .

*You’ll pay for your friend’s bad driving, too. If your friend borrows your car and crashes it, you’ll have to file a claim with your car insurance company.

Tip: If your friend didn’t have permission to take your car, in most cases you won’t be held liable for the damage. But if your friend is uninsured and causes damage that exceeds your policy limits, the injured party can come after you for medical and property damage expenses.

*Your car’s real worth

each car insurance company has its own proprietary list of car values.

The car insurance company may also ask local dealers what they’d charge for a similar replacement car.

Tip: If you disagree with your car insurance company’s value determination, there are several things you can do:

Next time, get gap insurance. It wil l pay the difference between what an car insurer will cover and what you owe.

If you have maintenance records that show you’ve had the oil changed every 3,000 miles and you’ve had the car checked routinely by a mechanic.

If you’ve been paying premiums on any special parts or upgrades, make sure those are included in the car insurance company’s evaluation.

*Odds and ends

Hit by an uninsured motorist? Try to “stack.” (UM/UIM) coverages means collecting from more than one car insurance policy that you hold.

Tip: Check the language of your car insurance policy to see if stacking is allowed.

There are two scenarios for stacking:

First, if you have multiple cars on your car insurance policy with UM/UIM coverage on each, you can collect the limit of your UM/UIM coverage under as many vehicles as necessary to cover full payment for damages.

Second, if you have more than one car insurance policy with UM/UIM coverage, even if they’re from two different car insurers, you can make a claim under each policy until all your damages are recovered.

*You can wait to add your teenager to your car insurance policy until he or she is licensed.

Tip: Don’t forget to tell your car insurance company that you have a licensed teen. If you have to file a claim on his or her behalf, your car insurance company is entitled to charge you back premiums from the date your teen received a license.

*You must officially cancel your car insurance policy when you switch car insurers. you can cancel your car insurance coverage at any time by notifying the car insurance company in writing of the date of termination.

Tip: Call your car insurance agent and let him know you are canceling your car insurance policy. Give a specific date, or you may end up uninsured for a period of time.

The car insurance company will send you a cancellation request. Most often, the form is already filled out and all it requires is your signature.

By: Toyota USA Blog

Toyota Corolla Altis – A Great Car

Toyota Corolla is definitely one of the highest selling luxury sedans in the country. After the success of first Toyota Corolla, the company has introduced many generations of Corolla. In every changing generation Toyota has continuously made modifications and advancements in response to customer’s demands and requirements.

Though the old Corolla or the ninth generation Toyota Corolla was running successfully in the market, the company introduced another generation with better features and improved engine technology. The new Corolla, tenth generation Corolla, is launched in the Indian car market with the title of Toyota Corolla Altis, a car that inspires envy.

Here are some of the basic specifications of the new Corolla:

Car Exterior

The new Corolla Altis is beautifully designed with sleek and sophisticated appeal. Smooth curved lines and striking headlamps add to the beauty of the car exterior. It is definitely shorter and slimmer than the Honda Civic but taller by 30 mm. The length, width and height of the new car are 4540mm, 1760mm, and 1450mm respectively.

Engine and Performance:

The new Corolla Altis is propelled by a 1.8L petrol VVTi engine delivering 130bhp of maximum power. There will be no diesel option available but the buyers have an option to choose from manual and automatic transmission. The automatic transmission system is intelligently designed with sequential shift, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. The company promises a maximum speed of 60 kmph in just a span of 4.76 seconds and about 100 kmph in 11.66 seconds. Overall, the car gives a silky and smooth performance and outstanding driving experience.

Interior Space and Features

The interior of the car is spacious and roomy with elegant and attractive features. The company has used world class upholstery to adorn the car interiors. Some of the other exciting features fitted in the car interior include flawless leather seats, power driven driver seat with lumbar support, drop-down holder for sunglasses, sliding arm rest, electro-chromatic rear view mirror, premium audio system with 6-CD changer, and a new efficient air-conditioner. It is believed that this new air-conditioner cools the cabin in just a span of 11.3 seconds.

Safety Technology

As the new Corolla is an advanced and innovative version of the ninth generation Corolla, it has all the new and upmarket safety features. Priced at Rs 13 lakh, Altis offers a range of high-end safety features like anti-lock brakes with the electronic brake force distribution, global outstanding assessment body structure, dual supplemental restraint system airbags, and whiplash injury lessening concept seats. These safety technologies ensure high-end safety of the car and the passengers.

In short, the new Toyota Corolla Altis is just commendable.

By: Toyota USA Blog

Car Insurance Quotes for the Faint at Heart

car insurance
ar insurance quotes might intimidate you the first time you have to deal with them. It’s not just the rules and regulations, and all the requirements the state puts down, it’s also the companies who provide the car insurance quotes. But we feel that if you get the car insurance quotes from a good source, then things are a lot less complicated. We’ll get to that later though. Let’s start from the basics, the very nitty-gritty of car insurance.

Get Many Car Insurance Quotes!

Quotes from multiple sources are what you want. If you only get a couple of car insurance quotes, then you don’t really get a feel for the kind of deals that are out there. And believe us, car insurance quotes can vary a whole lot!

Car Insurance Quotes Need Info

Next, you’re going to want to find all the information you need about your car. Insurance quotes are only as accurate as the information you give out! A good car insurance quote takes into account all sorts of things about your car, like the model, the year, the odometer reading, and how much you use it. Most of the information a car insurance quote asks for you will know off the top of your head, but there are some things, such as the Vehicle Information Number (VIN) which you can’t be expected to have memorized. You can find this on your title (you do still have your title, right!).

Name Your Coverage: Many Kinds of Car Insurance Quotes

To get a car insurance quote, you will also need to know precisely the sort of coverage you actually want. There are several kinds of car insurance. Quotes can cover such things as yourself, your vehicle, and other people who might be involved in an accident. The basic liability insurance is probably required by your state and this would likely give you the lowest car insurance quotes. Liability insurance just pays for things you would be legally liable for, in the event that you goof up and break something or someone. There’s also what they call collision coverage, and you should consider getting car insurance quotes for this if you want to protect your car from damage from car accidents and such. This isn’t to be confused with comprehensive coverage which protects your car from things that can’t be considered car accidents, and you should look carefully at your car insurance quotes to see exactly how broad that comprehensive coverage is, but it ought to work for things like fire or theft.

There’s not much else you need to know to get the best car insurance quotes available to you. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Good luck finding your car insurance quotes!

By: Toyota USA Blog