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Williams, Toyota, Red Bull Give Reaction on Formula 1 Race

toyota racing
Williams, Toyota and Red Bull teams gave their comments on the Formula 1 race.

In general, Nico Rosberg viewed this weekend positive but not the best race today. Slightly quicker Button was obviously having a better day with his car and his tires, so he finished ahead of Rosberg and took the point. Rosberg said that it is a shame for everyone who has put in so much effort to leave with no reward. However, he said that this does not affect their position in the constructors’ championship, but they need to start scoring consistently, particularly because they are now halfway through the season.

Alex Wurz obviously is not satisfied in his 14th spot. But both cars made it to the finish without any issues which proves their good reliability. He said his only problem was when he was in traffic that he was stuck in the train behind Coulthard and neither their strategy nor pace allowed them to get past Coulthard. Wurz found overtaking uneasy because he needed more maneuver. He anticipates a better luck in the new game next weekend at Silverstone because it is their team’s home race.

Racers of Toyota, Toyota fuel savers maker, had different views.

Ralf Schumacher perceived it quite well aside from the first lap. He feels ashamed that they did not score points because their pace was competitive. He was unlucky when Jarno hit Kovalainen at the hairpin on the first lap. He could not go anywhere and lost a couple of positions as everyone tried to get through the corner safely. He admits he was a lot quicker than Barrichello but he could not overtake. From there on, he had difficulty on the race and lost 20 seconds before his first pit stop. He said that the car showed its potential for they kept fighting and put some good lap times in. He added that they are continuously developing the car and he was definite that they will make more progress to enhance the car.

Jarno Trulli viewed the chase as a racing accident because the field was very crowded on the first lap and he admitted that he just misjudged it going into the hairpin. He explains he was not attacking anyone but he just broke too late and hit Kovalainen, to whom he was very sorry. He admits his mistake that the impact damaged his suspension and front wing. He got back to the pits but there was no way for them to pursue.

Red Bull driver Mark Webber had a pretty good start and was fighting with Rubens (Barrichello) through Turns two and three. He got to turn five and had to go between the cars of Ralf (Schumacher) and Rubens and almost lost his car’s front wing but they got through it. In the first stint, he was held up by Ralf, who in turn had Barrichello in front of him. Webber explained that on the first lap of his second stint, he had to deal with Ralf while on new tires, so it was a baffling race. He continues that they tried to go shorter in the second stint to jump Rubens. Unfortunately, it but did not work out.

Teammate David Coulthard said that the race was going quite well at the beginning. He added that he was not sure if his laps or the pit stops were not quick enough, but with both stops he did not gain any advantage. He explains that they turned the engine down towards the end of the race because they were not racing for points in the last few laps.

All these drivers are looking forward to a better race next weekend at Silverstone.

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Toyota Celicas – Are They Viable Sports Cars?

toyota racing
Toyota Celicas have been around for quite some time now. Not quite as old as the Ford Pinto, but you know what I mean. Celicas have always been known for being the affordable sports car made by Toyota.

But, whats so special about this car? When in comparison to other similar priced cars, their quickness is no where near the performance that other cars can produce.

Not only that, Honda’s and Scion’s have much more aftermarket parts availiable for tricking out your ride. So, once in a while you’ll see a Black Toyota Celica in a street race, but if your a true racer, you’re not afraid of the Celica.

Modified Honda’s or Scion’s, even Chevy’s will blow away the Toyota. But that doesn’t stop Toyota lovers from their Celicas. Of course, they have their parts for modding, and they look pretty sweet, but when it comes down to racing, they just don’t cut it.

It’s not very common to see a Toyota Celica For Sale nowadays, it seems like they have all disappeared off the market. Unforunately for the United States, we get the shaft as the imported Celica’s can be quite beastly.

But, for Americans, it seems that all of the import cars get dumbed down when they come to America to comply with our sorry standards for safety, when in reality it is just stupid drivers that cause all the havoc.

Eighty-five year olds that can’t see 15 feet in front of them should not be driving anymore, and this society allows for practically every elder to own a license, and then there are those that are too stubborn to quit, even when they know they shouldn’t be driving.

The United States is full of ignorance, if you were to take that all away, along with a harsher drivers license requirements, all of the really cool import cars that can pick up speed like no other might actually be legal.

But, of course, it just doesn’t work that way. But, lets get back to Toyota Celicas. If your really interested in a Celica, it’s not like they are bad cars in anyways, but when compared to other sports and racing cars these days, they just can’t compete.

Toyota makes great cars, you can almost always rely on them that you are going to get a quality car that will last you a long time, and they’ve proven that over the years.

If you like the car, by all means go for it. You can find a Toyota Celica For Sale quite easy, although they don’t come in the numbers that say a Honda Civic might.

They have decent performance for the gas milage they get, and they have a unique style to them. You definitely won’t find any other car that looks like the Celica, they are quite easy to point out, even in the older years.

Although, there are way too many Red Celicas in the world right now, it would be a lot nicer if they were black, because if you’ve seen a nice black one, then you’ve seen a nice Celica. The red ones are too flashy for their own good, they are nice cars, but not that nice.

All in all, I think Toyota Celicas are quality cars, driveable, and reliable, but if you plan on racing one of these babies, you should prepare yourself to lose quite a bit, or be willing to put a lot of time and effort into modifications to compete with the big boys.

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Affordable Repossessed Used Cars For Sale

used toyota
Affordable Repossessed Used Cars for Sale:

In most cases repossessed used cars auctions offer fifty to eighty percent off the retail price of used cars, this car auctions are therefore always flooded with used car dealer and the private persons never get a chance to attend this car auctions. However times have changed and the private individuals have become more knowledgeable and are now aware of these repossessed car auctions.

Repossessed Used Cars for Sale:

In these repossessed car auctions one will normally find a range of vehicles and automobiles which have been seized by banks or government authorities either form account holders who are unable to pay their bank loans or seized from criminals while some are government vehicles which are no longer in service.

Some of these cars are normally flashy sports cars and luxury cars which most people can not afford to buy at the showrooms, this vehicles are well maintained vehicles and most of the time they are always in good condition since this is the area where banks and government authorities are most keen on when in the process of seizing this vehicles.

Although you may be much exited at the repossessed car auction knowing that you will buy your dream car there, it’s always advisable to stay calm and to have the required information at hand on the various selections you are going to make being sure that you will find the best deals at this auctions.

Affordable Repossessed Used Cars:

You might ask how it is possible to buy a sports car at such a low price, and the answer lies in the hands of the Government and banks that seize thousands of cars a day and auction them off quickly.

Various federal, state, and local government and law enforcement agencies as well as Banks and lending institutions regularly seize thousands of cars and Suv’s every day and auction them off. At that point, We make it possible for you to bid and buy these vehicles for ridiculously low prices. Click here to join.

By: Toyota USA Blog

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Toyota’s Reliability Takes a Hit

toyota tundra
When it comes to car buying, a lot of people consider the different attributes of a vehicle. Others are looking for a new vehicle with good performance while others put more value on comfort. Some buyers are after the exterior design of a vehicle while some are looking for vehicles loaded with features. There are also those whose choice of vehicle depends on its safety. But one thing that all consider is a vehicle’s reliability. And when it comes to reliability issues, Toyota is tops – that is, until this year.

Consumer Reports recently reported that Toyota’s vehicles’ reliability has declined. This comes after years of the Japanese automaker’s leadership in the industry when it comes to reliability. The Consumer Reports 2007 Annual Car Reliability Survey shows that consumers are now finding Toyota vehicles less reliable than their ancestors. In contrast, Ford’s vehicles have received good marks from consumers.

The most popular Toyota nameplate, the V6 variant of the Camry received a dismal and surprising below average rating in terms of predicted reliability. The Camry has been redesigned fore 2007 and it has always been Toyota’s best selling vehicle. It has been known through the years as a reliable car. The redesign though may have had negative effects on the reliability of the car.

Aside from the 2007 Camry, the redesigned and beefed-up Toyota Tundra also received a below average rating in reliability. The four-wheel drive V8 version of the full-size pickup truck received the dismal rating. Even Lexus’ all-wheel drive variant of the GS sedan received a below average rating. Since Consumer Reports does not recommend any vehicle with a below average rating, the three variants are no longer on the prestigious “Recommended list” of Consumer Reports.

Although reliability of aforementioned variants dropped below average, the automaker in general is still third in the overall reliability ranking. That includes Toyota’s luxury division Lexus and its youth brand Scion. The Japanese automaker ranked below fellow Japanese automakers. Honda is ranked as the producer of the most reliable automobiles. Subaru, the makers of the durable Subaru ignition coil, spark plugs, and spark plug wires is ranked second.

Toyota Motor Sales Executive Vice President Jim Lentz had this to say in response to the Consumer Reports announcement: “Over all, this survey reflects well on our products. However, we’re taking measures every day to continue to sharpen quality and enhance customer satisfaction.” Being on track to become the largest automaker in the world, Toyota has been stepping up its production output. It is only normal for automakers to have problems with quality control after a huge boost in production. Thus Toyota is expected to bounce back from this minor stumble.

In the past, redesigned Toyota vehicles have been recommended by Consumer Reports due to the automaker’s track record. The Auto Channel reported that even if Consumer Reports have insufficient reliability data for a new vehicle, it still recommends redesigned Toyota, Lexus, and Scion nameplates due to the aforementioned reason. But with the amount of Toyota recalls this year, Consumer Reports gave the redesigned Toyota vehicles below average reliability scores. If Toyota can bounce back to its trademark stance in terms of reliability, Consumer Reports may bring back its policy to recommend the automaker’s newly redesigned vehicles.

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Toyota Unveils 7 Concept Cars at Tokyo Motor Show

toyota racing
Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) unveiled 7 concept cars at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show, which was opened to public from October 22 to November 6 at the International Convention Complex (Makuhari Messe) in Makuhari, Chiba.

The automaker views Tokyo Motor Show as a great opportunity to introduce new vehicle possibilities. Through the years, Toyota has unraveled several cars and groundbreaking and futuristic technologies in said auto show. Among the concept cars presented are the Fine-X and i-swing. The latter is a brand new fuel cell hybrid vehicle while the former is a personal mobility vehicle.

The theme Ecology & Emotion was again used by Toyota in this year’s exhibit. Said exhibit pursued both environmental vehicle concerns as well as the essential emotional appeal of a car.

Toyota Fine-X concept vehicle is a revolutionary car that introduces a glimpse of what is to come in the future. It uses a fuel cell hybrid system that creates an environment-friendly performance. Fine-X also features a 4-wheel independent drive control and a huge steering angle mechanism.

The i-swing concept, on the other hand, is a personal mobility car that lets drivers express their individuality while driving. The car is designed with single-person vehicle package, which boasts its ‘wearable’ design. To soften impact, i-swing is equipped with a urethane body.

What is most exciting about this concept car is that it can shift from a two-wheeled mode to a -wheeled mode depending on the driver’s discretion. In crowded streets, the driver can opt for the two-wheeled mode. Nonetheless, if desires to have a care-free ride he can choose the three-wheeled mode.

Another marvelous concept car is the Estima Hybrid. Said car is a sophisticated hybrid minivan with electric 4WD and THS II, for an environment-friendly and high-performance drive. Subsequently, enhanced Toyota RAV4 parts are incorporated in the new RAV4 concept car. The latter is a small SUV that features a modern and rugged theme for ultimate yet refined performance. It also employs S-VSC* + Active Control 4WD Integrated Control, which combines the electric 4WD system with electric power steering, ABS and VSC.

Toyota also created a concept car for the new-category vehicle, which is called FSC. Said concept combines the qualities of sedan and utility minivan. Its bB concept car, on the other hand, with ’sensually edgy attitude’ is especially designed for young urbanites. Finally, the TF105 concept car is a F1 championship racing car, which is noted for its reliable engine and powerful performance.

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Toyota Camry – Long Lasting Cars

toyota camry
The Toyota Camry was birthed in 1983 with a 2.0L engine. The platform has matured over the years. The vehicles now have much more passenger and luggage space, and the top of the line Camry is now equipped with a 3.5L VIN K engine. Growing up has not changed the main reason people like Camry’s: quality.

When a Toyota Camry engine fails, most mechanics will immediately suspect abuse. The thought of a Camry engine failing for natural reasons just doesn’t click with experienced mechanics unless the engine in question is one with very high miles. My sister, for example, drives a 1996 Toyota Camry with a 2.2L 5S-FE engine. Her engine has over 250,000 miles on it, and it drives like a top. Besides regular oil and spark plug changes, I have only had to change her timing belt and water pump once. If I felt like there was any danger in her becoming stranded, I would buy her another car, but the fact that she is in a Camry sets my mind at ease. Even with the high miles on her engine, she has 180 compression straight across on the engine and around 50psi on the oil pressure at idle. In other words, this engine has a lot of life left on it.

Any time we receive a call from someone inquiring about a Camry engine, my first thought is “Now what in the world have they done?” The most common reasons for Camry engine failure are overheating the engine and lack of oil changes. This is definitely something that is categorized under abuse, no ifs ands or buts! No one will ever admit they have abused an engine, of course, and sometimes I wonder how many people realize how hard they are on cars!

2007 and newer Toyota Camry’s were offered with a 3.5L 2GR-FE engine and a 2.4L 2AZ-FE engine. Both of these engines are available in other vehicles. The 2AZ-FE engine doesn’t seem to be quite as reliable as the 2.2L FS-FE engine that it replaced, but it is still one of the best engines in production in the world.

2002-2006 Toyota Camry’s came with 2.4L 2AZ-FE, 3.0L 1MZ-FE, and, for 2004-2006, 3.3L 3MZ-FE engines. All of these are very reliable. In fact, I can count on both hands the number of major problems we’ve seen with 3MZ-FE engines.

Finally, 1994-2001 engines used the 5S-FE 2.2L engine and 3.0L 1MZ-FE. This was, in my opinion, the most reliable generation of Camry’s. I have access to great deals on cars, and I choose to put my family members in this generation of Toyota Camry.

Having examined the reliability of the latest 3 generations of the Toyota Camry, let us then examine our premise for this article, which is that a used Toyota Camry engine is a great buy. In order for something to be a great buy, it has to be a great value. Value = cost – benefits. Cost on replacement Camry engines can be very reasonable if you know how to shop. Make sure though, that you only buy a Low Mileage Engines. I repeat: You want a Low Mileage Engines. A high mileage Camry engine will probably work, but why spend the money to replace an engine if you’re not going to get maximum life? The answer is that a wise person probably would opt for maximum life. And that is what I recommend.

By: Toyota USA Blog

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How Buying a Used Toyota Vehicle Can Help Young Drivers Save Money

used toyota
The United States is currently facing somewhat of an economic crisis, and saving any little bit of money can significantly help your financial future. As the nation faces serious threats of a recession, money-conscious citizens should take every action that they can to spend less, earn more and save as much as possible. Careless and irresponsible spending habits can quickly and easily place a person in a metaphorical economic ditch, and it can take months, or even years, to dig oneself out.

Surviving the country’s current economic situation has been difficult for everyone, but the nation’s financial crisis is probably most problematic for recent Pittsburgh college graduates or entry-level job-seekers who are living with low salaries, little or no benefits and a plethora of expenses. How can a recent college graduate or person in his or her 20s in the Pittsburgh area possibly survive this monetary predicament? Between the regular costs of rent, mortgages, car payments, insurance premiums, student loans and other miscellaneous expenses, it can be nearly impossible for young people to stay afloat.

Buying a reliable used Pittsburgh Toyota car, like the Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon, is one of the many ways that recent college graduates or twenty-somethings can save money and spend less. Pittsburgh Toyota cars are considerably less expensive than new cars, do not depreciate as quickly in value as new vehicles and can still provide a young buyer with several years of dependable driving.

Before purchasing a used Toyota car, like the Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla, young drivers should explore the many different options that lay before them. It is no secret that certain brands of automobiles have more solid reputations than others. Foreign models like the Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla, have over an 80% reliability rating. Certain used and new car dealerships, like Greensburg Toyota, help car purchasers find the best car deals on models like the Toyota Avalon, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Echo, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Prius or Toyota Yaris.

Young car buyers will save more money over a long period of time if they purchase an automobile that is dependable, reliable and possesses a solid reputation. You can read consumer reports on Toyota car models like the Toyota Echo or Toyota Corolla, on a number of Web sites, like edmunds. While you may be tempted to buy a swanky, new car model with a variety of extra capabilities, many new vehicles come equipped with a variety of unnecessary additional features that simply add more money to the model’s overall price.

Many car dealerships, like Greensburg Toyota, are fully aware of the difficulties that young people face when first graduating from college or working in entry-level positions. These dealerships will gladly work with twenty-somethings who are attempting to find the best deal possible on a reliable Pittsburgh used Toyota car or truck.

If possible, it is smart to pay for your new Toyota car, truck or SUV in cash. Avoiding taking out a loan from a local bank will help you save significant money on interest charges.

By: Toyota USA Blog

Buy a Used Toyota

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Toyota Joins Ny Marathon Fuse

toyota nascar
A runner will not probably want to encounter a car, but Toyota hood protectors maker, Toyota, targets to have close encounters with thousands of runners in two marathons that will take place on the streets of New York.

In order to become an exclusive auto sponsor at both the ING New York City Marathon and the NYC Half Marathon presented by Nike, the giant Japanese automaker has signed a three-year deal. Financial terms were closed and the company will feature its hybrid platform, including the Prius, Highlander SUV and Camry Hybrid, through regional TV and print, on- and off-course signage as well as operational usage such as transporting athletes and officials. Aside form a money prize, both the men’s and women’s winner at the ING New York City Marathon will receive a Prius.

The alliance will activate in support of the NYC Half Marathon presented by Nike which will take place on August 5. The ING New York City Marathon will be happen on Nov. 4, and the previous car sponsor was DaimlerChrysler’s Smart micro compact in 2005.

Bryan Riss, Toyota’s vehicle operations manager for New York region said that Prius is their glamorous hybrid and it gets the most attention from the Hollywood crowd but they want to support their whole hybrid line. He added that Toyota’s long-term plan is to have a hybrid for each model the company builds, and that this alliance will help make more consumers aware of their hybrids. Also sponsoring the New York Marathon is Avis and said it would include Prius as a car rental option starting this summer.

Ann Hinegardner, svp-business development and marketing strategies at New York Road Runners, which monitors both marathons and several other running events year-round, said that the car category is very important to the marathon, and signing Toyota is in line with their commitment to the environment as well as to health. According to her, Toyota plans a full activation now through November.

Tour’s Third Time

The AST Dew Tour will have several new strategies in place as it enters its third season this week: Louisville, Denver and San Jose have been replaced by Baltimore, Salt Lake City and Cleveland as tour stops; MTV has been added to the media mix; and the tour name itself has changed from the Dew Action Sports Tour but Pepsi’s Mountain Dew remains title sponsor and all lead sponsors at the five venues are back.

The schedule began with the Panasonic Open in Baltimore in June 21-24 and runs through the PlayStation Pro in Orlando on October 18 to 21 featuring top action sports athletes in BMX, motocross and skateboarding contesting for points and monetary prizes.

Wade Martin, president and general manager at the AST Dew Tour, Aurora, Ill, said that this was the first part of their strategy to build AST [Action Sports Tour] as an umbrella brand that will be comprised with other events. He added that they want AST to become what NASCAR is to its fans and consumers. Martin further said that AST has plans include a U.S. winter action sports tour and global events.

Outlets such as NBC and USA Network (event coverage), Fuel TV (previews and reviews), FSN radio, VOD in a potential of 30 million homes and iTunes will be the avenues through which the tour will reach people. Two behind-the-scenes shows and features prior to each tour event are new this year on MTV and MTV2. Attendance last was about 250,000, which is up 15,000 from the inaugural tour. The AST Dew Tour is owned by NBC Universal and Live Nation.

Martin said that the challenge in their 3rd year will be the same challenge in their 10th year that is getting more people to attend in person, watch or access the events and support their sponsors. The Right Guard Open (Cleveland, July 19-22), Vans Invitational (Portland, Ore., Aug. 16-19) and the Toyota Challenge (Salt Lake City, Sept. 20-23) are other tour stops.

By: Toyota USA Blog

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F1 Season 2009 Panasonic Toyota Racing The Contender

F1 Season 2009 Panasonic Toyota Racing The Contender

By: Toyota USA Blog

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How much is 2009 toyota yaris after pay the taxes and all?

I’m planning to buy a 2009 toyota yaris. The official price for 2009 toyota yaris 3-Door 1.5L 4Cyl. 4-Speed is $13005. What’s the real price after all things like taxes have paid?

By: Toyota USA Blog