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Ralf Confident That Toyota Team Will Make it This Time

toyota racing
The statement made by German driver Ralf Schumacher has become a morale booster for the team. Ralf Schumacher said that Toyota’s recent stronger form with its racing design Toyota mud flaps convinces him that the team can really become more competitive in the remaining half of the season.

It can be remembered that the German driver has encountered problems with his Toyota race car. He was really trying to set the car up to his liking and was lagging far behind his teammate Jarno Trulli.

According to some rumors circulating Schumacher was on the edge of losing his drive as he repeatedly failed to get past the initial qualifying cut-off. Amazingly, the German driver has bounced back in the last two races and finally qualifying a season-best sixth at Silverstone and at last overtaking Trulli all weekend. He retired early in the grand prix and was sure convinced that this time Toyota has clearly made its point.

Schumacher said, “We clearly have the potential to turn it around. We have good people, the right facilities and we just need to do the job. Everyone is pushing hard so I am quite optimistic. Clearly a double retirement at Silverstone is not satisfactory but the positive element was the sixth place in qualifying. That was representative and I had good lap times while I was still in the race.”

The German Toyota driver also admitted that despite the improvement and all Toyota still remains a little inconsistent. He said, “Under certain circumstances our car is very competitive. We have seen it in Barcelona and we looked good in terms of pace in Magny-Cours too, but we had problems so we didn’t get the results we wanted. We just need to extend that window a bit. Over the last few races I’ve become increasingly comfortable with my set-up and the whole team is working hard as we chase a successful second half of the year.”

After this week’s test at Spa, the German driver is convinced that the Belgian track might just turned out to be one of the venues that would bring out the true strength of Toyota.

Schumacher said, “The car performed well overall so we can look forward to the race here with confidence. We were quick in Silverstone and this track has similar characteristics with a lot of high speed corners so it should suit us when we come here in September.”

By: Kaye Leery

About the Author:

Kaye Leery is has a degree in Information Technology. She enjoys her profession as an IT consultant. She is also passionate about writing and plans to pursue a Creative Writing workshop in Iowa.

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Michigan Car Insurance Comparison Online

car insurance
Auto insurance is one industry which always remains full of activity due to several various reasons. Most of the potential auto insurance buyers do not get correct and timely information about the suitable coverage they need, the extent of risk that must be covered by them, cost of coverages, claim processing, customer service, etc. For this very reason, the internet has provided a way to help consumers complete a car insurance comparison to ensure that they are receiving reliable protection from a reputable company at an affordable price. Individual’s need to also take the time to understand the limits which are required by their particular state in order to be properly protected and abide by the state’s laws. Like any other state, Michigan requires that each owner and driver of an automobile must carry the proper liability coverage and it must be maintained at all times while their vehicle is being operated.

Minimum Liability:

Michigan auto insurance laws require No-fault insurance and it is against state law to operate a car without no-fault insurance. The minimum limits of a satisfactory policy issued has three parts:

Minimum BI/PD coverage limits for the state of Michigan

Up to $20,000 for a person who is injured or killed in an accident. Up to $40,000 for more than one person are hurt or killed. Up to $10,000 for property damage.

These limits are often described as 20/40/10.

However, in case of legal proceedings, courts sometimes award more than these minimum limit amounts. In such case, the insured would be responsible for paying the amount not covered by the limit on the policy. To protect themselves against these situations, consumers should compare additional coverage in order to ensure that they have adequate protection. If within a person’s budget, they can choose higher limits to protect against incurring financial hardship in the event that they are involved in a collision in which they are found to be at fault and their policy’s payout has been exhausted.

Obtaining and comparing auto insurance quotes for higher amounts of liability may surprise many, as they may find that the difference of being covered more extensively may not be as expensive as they thought. Similarly, there are some optional insurance coverages one may wish to consider. These optional coverages are not mandatory but can prove to be quite beneficial. Such options include collision and comprehensive coverage, which unlike basic liability, will compensate the insured if they suffers a loss and not just the other party.

The advantage of utilizing the internet for the purpose of receiving prices for premiums is that within minutes, web surfers can receive multiple rates from a variety of insurers. This gives them the opportunity to compare not only prices but the companies as well. Although price is important, the integrity of an insurer should be considered as well. There are agencies that rate carriers that anyone can access to help determine who they would like to do business with. The internet also provides a way for potential customers to make a comparison of different types of coverage which may benefit them. Quotes can be provided to inquirers free of charge and with absolutely no obligation. The option to purchase is also made available so that customers can become insured instantly and receive instant proof of insurance.

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Protect Your Family with Car Insurance

car insurance
Many families do not think about car insurance until they need it. That’s perfectly natural. However, to save your family some stress and anxiety, be sure that you always have current car insurance. Your car insurance protects you and your car in case of an accident.

Policies vary, so it is critical to check your car insurance policy. Most car insurance policies will cover you if you have a car accident with another car at either you are at fault or it is a no-fault accident. Your car insurance will pay to have your car repaired. This car insurance will also pay to have the other car repaired as well.

Most car insurance policies have a deductible that you must first meet. This is a dollar amount of a claim that you must meet before the car insurance company will pay anything to repair your car. Typically, the more expensive your policy the lower your deductible. When your car insurance is inexpensive there is a strong chance you have a high deductible. It is a wise step to confirm what your deductible is before you have a car accident.

Most car insurance companies offer a variety of deductibles and you can change your deductible limit by paying either more or less. The decision to do this is very personal, and only you can decide which policy would be best for you. There are people who haven’t had an accident in twenty years that want a low deductible. Then there are people who have had a recent accident that want a high deductible. Everyone is different.

Some states in the U.S.A. actually do not require that you have car insurance. However, many states do require that you have both a registered and an insured car. This protects you and the other drivers on the road from any possible accident. Were you to get in any type of car accident, an insured driver is covered for the most part by putting in a claim. An uninsured driver often winds up getting a personal lawsuit from the other driver as a result of the accident. Sometimes the uninsured driver does not have enough assets to pay the other driver what they are owed. Car insurance is a great benefit that certainly protects your family from a potential lawsuit and any other stresses.

Many car insurance policies will also cover your medical bills if you are in a car accident. This includes hospital and surgery bills. Some car insurance policies will pay for physical therapy or reconstructive surgery. There are even car insurance policies that will protect your pets from possible harm. It is nice to know that were your pet to be harmed during a car accident, that the car insurance company would pay their medical bills as well.

Some people may complain about the cost of car insurance and having to pay for it. No one likes having to pay an additional bill. However, the benefits of car insurance far outweigh the negatives of possibly having this type of insurance. There are so many reasons to be happy that you have car insurance. Anyone that is driving a car should have car insurance. To drive without car insurance is to take a real gamble.

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Toyota Electronic Features

1) Special for Toyota corolla,RAV4,Vios,Terios,Hilux,Land cruiser,Fortuner/Innova

2) 6.5inch 16:9 high definition TFT LCD Touch screen with graphic OSD display

3) Built-in GPS system

4) iPod port

5) TFT off supported

6) Steering wheel control: realize the original wheel steel control without any modification

7)Electronic and mechanical anti-shock system


9) High sensitive FM/AM/receiving, 30 stations pre stored

10) Bluetooth handfree communication

11) Built-in MIC in control panel

12) Built-in TV tuner (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)

13) USB/Micro-SD port: support U disk MP3, WMA, audio play and picture browse

14) Reversing display: connected to rear camera to watch the reversing status

15) Automatic memory: all adjusted parameters can be memorized and restored automatically

16) Background light adjustment: user can adjust screen luminance by hand according to the environment

17) Button background light

18) Tone mode: high and low tone mode adjustment

19) Two-way video input, two-way video output

20) 4 x 45W amplifier

21) Full function infrared remote control

22) Dual zone function: user can enjoy the music while viewing the map navigation

GPS features:

1) Map supported: Route66, TOMTOM, IGO

2) Operation system: WINCE NET 5.0

3) Processor: SAMSUNG high performance processor S3C2440A-40, Max. main

4) Frequency: 400MHz

5) RAM memory: 64MB SDRAM

6) Storage device: support Micor-SD card

7) Display output: CVBS+S-VIDEO output (Resolution: 320*240) or simulation RGB output

8) Audio output: stereo output of CD tone

9) GPS specification: adopt SiRF STAR III 20 channel and excessive high sensitivity GPS receiving module REB-3310

10) Power specification: connect car power DC12V, current less than 500mA

11) Max power consumption: 4.5W (12V/360mA)

12) Normal power consumption: 3W (12V/250mA)

By: Toyota USA Blog

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VW Golf

vw golf
Not until Volkswagen came up with a compact car called VW Golf did the German automaker find a successful replacement to its iconic VW Beetle. For most parts of Volkswagen’s history the Beetle had been its most produced and popular car, until the time came when its novelty had worn thin. As the car industry became more competitive Volkswagen had nothing that could make a decent showing in the market but the Beetle. Even for the car’s manufacturer the VW Beetle feat was hard to outdo.

Volkswagen tried a slew of Beetle offshoots to pump interest back to its vehicle designs. Celebrated for its “people’s car” concept, Volkswagen innovation focused more on economical, comfort-tuned vehicles rather than on performance-class cars. Volkswagen gambled on its seminal idea, and it paid off when the front-wheel drive of the hatchback VW Golf showed the realization of the people’s car concept.

The front-wheel drive setup allowed for a reduction of

VW Golf parts in the car assembly, turning low production cost into a low-priced car. Only the powertrain was installed in the engine bay. The driveshaft and rear differential, traditional car parts installed on rear-wheel and four-wheel cars, were removed from the engine bay. This parts streamlining made the VW Golf the lightest car in its class, and also the most spacious. With its less weight, the VW Golf was set for a better fuel efficiency and car handling.

The drivetrain parts of the VW Golf spanned the front wheels, drawing the center of gravity toward the front end of the car. This shift in the position of the car’s load improved the traction and road stability of the front wheels. The rear wheels, on the other hand, are fitted with the VW Golf brake parts assembly. This car design equips the VW Golf with predictable handling characteristics that make it easy and comfortable to keep a tight rein of the drivetrain.

The front-wheel design of the VW Golf comes not with a downside. Because it is the front wheels that have to be steered, they are fitted with VW Golf parts called constant velocity joints, and not the more performance-tuned universal joints. When the wheels are steered, the CV joints are flexed through a much wider angle, and additionally take the brunt of steering stress. This makes the CV joint the most serviced VW Golf parts. This downside, however, is hardly a problem for the VW Golf went on to become a Volkswagen bestseller.

By: Toyota USA Blog

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Gas Saver – Buying a Hydrogen Booster Vs. a Prius

So, you’re about to purchase a new Prius because it’s a hybrid gas saver – maybe you’ve never even heard of a hydrogen booster. A new Prius hybrid sounds like a great plan because of all the money you’ll be saving on gas, right? Hey, we aren’t here to judge, but did you know the Prius has gone over 60,000 vehicles sold? This is great news for the car manufacturer, but bad news for you. Why? Well, unfortunately, once they reached this mark that energy tax credit you were hoping for just went out the window.

Hey, we aren’t trying to burst anyone’s bubble. We just like you to know some things that others may not like to tell you about a gas saver. The point is there are several individuals wanting to purchase a Prius based on the tax benefit because when they got that return, guess where it would have gone? Yep, towards those ridiculously large car payments. One of the biggest downfalls to purchasing a new hybrid vehicle like the Prius is the cost.

In order to save money at the pump, you have to shell out thousands of dollars. This means it will take years to actually get any savings at all, especially if you are paying interest on the payments. Then there are those of us who don’t have the money to be spending on a brand new fuel saver car. With the economy the way it is right now, who wants to keep spending money? Even the economic stimulus checks were a stalling tactic. All we can say is it’s time to take matters into your own hands and look at the alternatives.

A year ago, a hydrogen booster diy fuel saver was just another thing on the internet trying to compete with everyone else. No one seemed too interested because eventually the cost of gas would go down as the war in Iraq continued. To everyone’s surprise, gas kept rising and is now hitting the $4 a gallon plateau all around the country. Since October of 2007, the demand for gas saver hydrogen boosters has been enormous. We imagine in the months to come it will only get bigger.

However, millions of people still aren’t aware of how a hydrogen booster can change your lifestyle. Instead of working to pay for gas, why not go back to paying for gas so you can get to work? Get the tax breaks you’ve been looking for by installing a hydrogen booster. Just for hooking this up to your vehicle, you’ll receive a $2,000 IRS break for using a clean burning automobile. According to one hydrogen booster website, larger vehicles like buses can claim up to $50,000. Then you would be able to go out and buy that Prius right?

The question is whether or not you want to spend years trying to recoup your investments purchasing a new Prius hybrid. We came across an interesting piece that said you would have to drive almost 47,000 miles just to start seeing savings on gas, based on average driving. Not sure if you want to spend the time doing that considering there is another gas saver option where you can save money right now. Whatever you decide to do, we hope this article has at least given you some options you were unaware of before.

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Venza Leasing

toyota venza
During the late 1890s and the early 1900s, the concept of cars was still unknown. However, this man spent his life building and creating the technology that would become so famous worldwide until today. An A1 prototype was built in 1935, thus began the history of Toyota Motor Corporation.

These days, people are given wider choices and more options with regard to cars and vehicles. Car leasing or contract personal hire has now become a common term for business men, individuals on travel , and even for families.

Toyota is still considered to be one of the most sought cars in the field of car leasing. The main reason is its reliability on the road combined with elegance. Toyota car leasing is in demand these days and more hundreds of Toyota cars are available for leasing. Most personal contract hire companies offer a wide range of cars to customers.

Toyota leasing and Toyota personal contract hire is going up because more and more people are getting aware of the advantages of leasing. Great financing terms are available based on the purpose of the customer. Most car lease companies open their services to businessmen, travelers, and individuals who simply find leasing more convenient than purchasing one. The concept of personal contract hire for cars first became well known in USA and in the United Kingdom.

The most common Toyota cars available for leasing and personal contract hire are the Toyota Auris, Avensis, Corolla, Land Cruiser, Rav4, Yarso and the Verso. An upcoming model of Toyota for the year 2009 is the Venza 2009.

Most car lease companies offer contracts that range from 24 to 36 months. One great advantage in leasing is that there is no high cash out. Most companies offer affordable monthly terms and there is no obligation to purchase the rented vehicles.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the average monthly payment needed for leasing a Toyota car ranges only from 100+ to 300 pounds depending on whether it is for business or personal use – still quite low compared to the expenses incurred in purchasing one. Aside from lower monthly payments and zero cash out, another advantage is the low maintenance needed for Toyota personal contract hire.