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Car of the Future Created By Toyota

Toyota sure does have a lot of surprises up its sleeve. But it would not be quite surprising if it does. After all, we do know that the Toyota Motor Corporation can be considered as one of the biggest and strongest companies in the industry right now. And with great power comes great responsibility and perhaps the company believes that it is their responsibility to produce vehicles that would astound and make the public happy. Sure, they do create remarkable stuff from Toyota Sequoia original parts to fine Toyota accessories to exemplary vehicles but now the company would like to show the motoring public a glimpse of what the future holds.

The company would be showing off soon the Toyota Fine-N vehicle which is actually a hydrogen fuel cell concept car. And according to Toyota, this kind of vehicle would soon be filling the roads and streets of our future. This vehicle would be part of the main displays that Toyota South Africa would be sending off at the Auto Africa 2006 exhibit. The event would be held at Johannesburg’s Expo Center and would be starting from the 26th of October up until the 5th of November.

As per the Toyota Fine-N, you would see that this vehicle has for four doors and it comes with a four wheel drive system for a better driving response. The company also boasts of its design and potential performance for all fuel cell vehicles that would be coming in the future. The wheels of the vehicle have got their very own electric motors and these are powered right from the Toyota fuel cell stack and its lithium ion battery. And its power source could be able to produce some 25 kW and 110 Nm of torque. You would find the fuel cell stack, the lithium ion battery, and the rest of the vehicle’s power control unit all beneath the floor. This is primarily because Toyota believes that by doing such, there would be more floor space for the vehicle’s occupants and passengers. Versatile, the Toyota Fine-N would be a vehicle to look out for.

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