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An Efficient Toyota Exhaust Manifold on the Way to Performance

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The exhaust system of Toyota is made up of a number of working components and parts. To have even just one failing part in the system, the performance of the exhaust assembly and the entire auto will be compromised. One of the integral exhaust parts of every Toyota model is the Toyota Exhaust Manifold. The exhaust manifold, also known as the header, works well with the other pipes which make up the entire exhaust system. Technically, the exhaust manifold is a pipe that is designed to collect the exhaust gases from the multiple cylinders of the engine, directing these gases into just one pipe. Because of the special function that this part performs, the exhaust manifold may also serve as a connection point for the pipes in the system. Depending on the model and the year of the auto, as well as the emission equipment that is installed in the vehicle, the header may also serve as the mounting location for the hardware of the air injection system or for the oxygen sensor. Typically, the Toyota Exhaust Manifold is crafted from durable materials like cast iron or tubular steel. This exhaust device is usually installed and mounted in the exhaust side of the cylinder head. To make the manifold leak-proof and keep the gases within the pipes, a reliable exhaust gasket is used for the effective sealing of the said part. And although simple cast irons are typically employed in the crafting of the manifold, a restrictive tube may be replaced with individual headers which are designed and tuned for low restriction and better performance if the vehicle owner wants to upgrade the efficiency of the exhaust system and the power-producing capacity of the engine. The headers which are available in the market today can be classified into two. The collector type of headers uses pipes that will merge the collector and can be used in conjunction with the mufflers. The zoomie headers, on the other hand, have no collectors and are used primarily on race cars for racing applications. These aftermarket parts are hardworking components in the Toyota exhaust system. And though these performance components are expected to perform overtime in the system, they rarely encounter problems on the road. However, though the manifold may not be replaced often, it is still imperative to check on the said part regularly. The only thing that the vehicle owner should worry about is the warping that could happen to the pipes because of excessive heat. The use of straightedge or the feeler gauge will allow drivers and vehicle owners to check the machined surface of the exhaust manifold. Another problem that could probably torment every manifold is cracking. This problem is due to the extreme pressure and the high temperature that is generated by the Toyota engine. Typically, this will occur after the Toyota auto passes through a bump on the road and cold water suddenly splashes on its hot surface. If the manifold is warped beyond repair and damaged for a number of reasons, it is better to replace the said part immediately. A replacement Toyota Exhaust Manifold can be easily secured from aftermarket auto parts stores and automotive specialty shops.

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Ralf Confident That Toyota Team Will Make it This Time

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The statement made by German driver Ralf Schumacher has become a morale booster for the team. Ralf Schumacher said that Toyota’s recent stronger form with its racing design Toyota mud flaps convinces him that the team can really become more competitive in the remaining half of the season.

It can be remembered that the German driver has encountered problems with his Toyota race car. He was really trying to set the car up to his liking and was lagging far behind his teammate Jarno Trulli.

According to some rumors circulating Schumacher was on the edge of losing his drive as he repeatedly failed to get past the initial qualifying cut-off. Amazingly, the German driver has bounced back in the last two races and finally qualifying a season-best sixth at Silverstone and at last overtaking Trulli all weekend. He retired early in the grand prix and was sure convinced that this time Toyota has clearly made its point.

Schumacher said, “We clearly have the potential to turn it around. We have good people, the right facilities and we just need to do the job. Everyone is pushing hard so I am quite optimistic. Clearly a double retirement at Silverstone is not satisfactory but the positive element was the sixth place in qualifying. That was representative and I had good lap times while I was still in the race.”

The German Toyota driver also admitted that despite the improvement and all Toyota still remains a little inconsistent. He said, “Under certain circumstances our car is very competitive. We have seen it in Barcelona and we looked good in terms of pace in Magny-Cours too, but we had problems so we didn’t get the results we wanted. We just need to extend that window a bit. Over the last few races I’ve become increasingly comfortable with my set-up and the whole team is working hard as we chase a successful second half of the year.”

After this week’s test at Spa, the German driver is convinced that the Belgian track might just turned out to be one of the venues that would bring out the true strength of Toyota.

Schumacher said, “The car performed well overall so we can look forward to the race here with confidence. We were quick in Silverstone and this track has similar characteristics with a lot of high speed corners so it should suit us when we come here in September.”

By: Kaye Leery

About the Author:

Kaye Leery is has a degree in Information Technology. She enjoys her profession as an IT consultant. She is also passionate about writing and plans to pursue a Creative Writing workshop in Iowa.

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Toyota Prius Generation III

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When you have the money and abundant love with the latest technology, Toyota Prius Third Generation should be considered as a car that will be purchased. Section, which authorized the car will be launched in mid-2010 this contains many latest advanced technology, not just economize!

The press conference have been held in The Detroit Auto Show, officially named The North American International Auto Show or (NAIAS) (is held every January at COBO Center in Detroit, Michigan), to attract the public interest for the United States and internationally.

1000 Patents. Because the technology carried on the Prius and the new equipment, no wonder the price can be expensive. For information, Toyota not less than 1000 patents used in the car to improve its performance and in accordance with the wishes of the present consumers. Also added, all of these patents, 292 patents come from the United States

Toyota Prius is very glory and make it as a “benchmark” car of the future. These can be understood because at this time, Prius has been owned by one million people around the world for 10 years, since first launched in 1997. In fact, since the second generation introduced in 2004, the number of Prius sold in the United States reached 670,000 units.

Ecological Plastic. Environmental is the focus in the Toyota Prius recently. Not only that emission friendlier to the environment, as well as material. Now the used plastic is made from plants (not oil) and is called plastic. With this, in addition to easy recycling, of course, does not damage the environment.

Atkinson Cycle. As a source of prime, Toyota four-cylinder engine uses 1.8 liters of working with the Atkinson cycle, with a larger aim to get on the lap of torsi low. Target onwards, the consumption of fuel economical. Engine power is not preferred. Therefore, not surprisingly, workers produced only 98 PS engine.

Efforts to create a Toyota Prius engine work more efficiently done with the mechanical components with the power. Therefore, the radiator pump, driven by the electric power and no longer rely on direct energy from the engine. Belt system to operate the radiator fan, AC compressor, Alternator, and also replaced with the electric motor.

Development is the other dimension and weight of the inverter is lighter and smaller. Inverter is a tool to change the direct current (DC) to flow back and either (AC). The inverter, electric motor, transaxle, and also reduce the weight to 20 percent. In addition, the ability to work regenerative brake system (the best restore energy) controlled the electronic logic.

Mode 3. This new Prius offers three alternative mode driving. EV-Mode Drive, a car race with the use of energy from the battery only in low speed for distance around 1.6 km / hour (depending on battery condition). There is also a Power Mode, power to make the car faster and more responsive to the gas pedal board. Last is the Eco Mode, race the car with fuel consumption is economical.

Solar Energy. The new Prius is equipped with the moon roof of glass that can be incorporated with solar cell panels. Electrical energy produced solar panel used to set the ventilation air in the car, including when parked. Another way to economize energy the Toyota is using LED lights for the front, rear lights, and brake.

Weight of the car is also lighter. This could be because the engine hood, back door, front axle and Suspension caliper made of aluminum. Result, acceleration 0-96 km / hour is 9.8 seconds, while for the tooth movement, using the Toyota shift by wire system.

Additional sensors are touch switch on the handlebar that is designed to reduce driver eye movement. With this, it is expected that the concentration level driver to the higher road.

Security equipment. The new Prius is equipped with a security system because the top will be sold globally.

For The Safety Restraint System or SRS (air bag), not only is installed in front of the driver and front passenger. All the doors also been the model of balloon curtains so that drivers and passengers safe when hit by a section on the side. Even for the driver and front passenger, added nothing to the balloon.

In addition to the standard, also have additional security options, namely Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (using millimeter wave radar), Lane Keep Assistant (help drivers stay safe on the track), Pre-Collision System (safety belt to work faster and the brakes on the condition to avoid a collision).

Toyota also offers the Intelligent Parking Assist generation driver that’s easy to park in a limited area.

Connect the other is safety, security services, among others, will notice the occurrence of collision, determine the location of the vehicle when stolen, and the SOS call button. Safety Connect available several months after launch.

Although the more sophisticated, unfortunately for the battery, Toyota still rely Nimh.

The prices can not estimate. Toyota new car prices will determine this before the launch next year. Who knows if there is price correction material prices go down!

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Toyota Exclusive Auto Sponsor of Ny Marathon Mix

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Toyota the producer of high quality Toyota parking brake cables will join the marathon that will take place on the streets of New York. The Japanese automaker and currently the world’s largest automaker have signed a three-year contract to become the official and sole auto sponsor at both the ING New York City Marathon and the NYC Half Marathon presented by Nike. The financial portions of the deal were not disclosed but the Japanese automaker will feature its hybrid platform, including the Prius, Highlander SUV and the Camry Hybrid, via the regional TV and print, on-and off-course.

The contract would call for the operational usage such as transporting athletes and officials, and aside from the monetary prize both the men and women winners at the ING New York City Marathon will receive a Prius.

The coalition will also set off in support of the NYC Half Marathon presented by Nike on Aug. 5 while the ING New York City Marathon will be held on Nov. 4. The previous sponsor of the said events was DaimlerChrysler’s Smart microcompact in 2005.

According to Bryan Riss, Toyota’s vehicle operations manager, New York region, “Prius is our glamour hybrid—it gets the most attention from the Hollywood crowd—but we want to support our entire [hybrid] line.”

Riss also said that Toyota’s long-term plan is to have a hybrid for each model that the company builds and with this new alliance it will help to make consumers aware of the importance of hybrid vehicles. Avis, which is also one of the sponsors of the New York Marathon, said that it would include Prius as a car rental option beginning this summer.

Ann Hinegardner, svp-business development and marketing strategies at New York Road Runners, which oversees both marathons and numerous other running events year- round said, “The car category is very important to the marathon, and signing Toyota is in line with our commitment to the environment and health. Toyota plans a full activation now through November.”

The AST Dew Tour will employ several strategies in place as it embarks on its third season this week, Baltimore, Salt Lake City and Cleveland have replaced Louisville, San Jose, and Denver as tour stops. MTV has also been added to the media mix plus the tour name has been changed from the Dew Action Sports Tour with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew remaining as the title sponsor with the rest of other leading sponsors.

The schedule begins with the Panasonic Open at Baltimore on June 21-24 and runs through the PlayStation Pro at Orlando on Oct. 18-21 with top action sports athletes in BMX, motocross and skateboarding vying for points and monetary prizes.

Wade Martin, President and General Manager at the AST Dew Tour, Aurora, Ill., said, “This is the first part of our strategy to build AST [Action Sports Tour] as an umbrella brand that will encompass other events. We want AST to become what Nascar is to fans and consumers.”

He also added that the AST plans to include a US winter action sports tour and global events. The tour will also reach people via numerous outlets such as NBC and USA Network, Fuel TV, FSN radio, VOD in a potential of 30 million homes and iTUnes. New for this year on MTV and MTV2 will be the two behind-the-scenes shows and features prior to each of the tour events. Attendance in 2006 was about 250,000 which increased to 15,000 from the inaugural tour. The AST Dew Tour is owned by NBC Universal and Live Nation.

Martin further stated, “The challenge in our third year will be the same challenge in our 10th year: getting more people to attend in person, watch or access the events and support our sponsors.”

The other tour stops will include the Right Guard Open at Vleveland on July 19 to 22, Vans Invitational at Portland, Ore., on Aug. 16 to 19 and then finally the Toyota Challenge at Salt Lake City on Sept. 20 to 23.

By: Toyota USA Blog

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Panasonic Toyota Racing shows off new F1

For the first time in its history, Panasonic Toyota Racing launched its new Formula 1 car only via the internet this year. The January launch of the TF109 was emphasised by a movie-style trailer starring drivers Jarno Trulli, Timo Glock and Kamui Kobayashi discovering the new car for the first time. This approach is unique in Formula 1 and the participants have taken time out from pre-season testing to look back on the production.

By: Toyota USA Blog

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Advanced Concepts for Handicapping Nascar

toyota nascar
Handicapping Theory for NASCAR

By Michael Cash

Pregame Pro Handicapper

Over the last 10 years NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) has been the fastest growing spectator sport in the world. It now boasts over 75 million fans worldwide and can be seen on television each week in over 150 countries. NASCAR holds 17 of the top 20 attended sporting events in the U.S. each year. Not surprisingly, is the growing number of NASCAR fans who have turned to betting on this popular pastime.

How to Handicap NASCAR:

When handicapping a NASCAR race there are a number of things to keep in mind:

Trends: NASCAR can be very streaky, much more so than other sports. When drivers get hot, they tend to stay hot, and when drivers are running cold it tends to take them a number of races to get things turned around. You will want to look at not only recent performances but historical performances, as well. Given that a NASCAR driver’s career can last 30+ years in some cases, knowing how to analyze information is crucial to long term profits

Drivers: Just like any other sport, NASCAR has its superstars. It is important to review driver statistics such as number of races run, top 5 finishes, and top 10 finishes – for each track. Some drivers who only have average talent can still perform well on certain tracks just as some top drivers struggle at the same tracks every year. It is important know your driver’s history so you will know if betting on him will offer you value or not.

Tracks: NASCAR has 4 distinct types of tracks, Short, Intermediate, Superspeedway and Road Course. Not all drivers do well on all track types. It is important to research a driver’s history on a specific type of track before placing your bets. You want to be especially careful when handicapping NASCAR’s road races because there are very few drivers who consistently perform well on road courses.

Crews: This is often an overlooked aspect of NASCAR handicapping. Some of NASCAR’s races can last in excess of 5 hours. Knowing who has a strong Crew Chief and pit crew is imperative to betting successfully.

Many outsiders believe that NASCAR is just Full Throttle and left hand turns. However, the experts know that it’s a combination of many little things that get a car to victory lane.

Financial Benefits to Betting on NASCAR

Yes, it’s true! Compared to other sports, there are many financial benefits to wagering on NASCAR.

NASCAR betting is quite favorable and attractive to bettors due to the large payouts one can receive by simply picking the Race Winner. Odds on the most popular drivers start at 4/1, which means that a single winning NASCAR bet can pay for your next four, or more, bets. This is much better and potentially more lucrative compared to the regular 1/1 payout that bettors of NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. typically experience. Here are a few more reasons:

There are No “Favorites”: NASCAR odds to win bets are always underdog (+) bets and even the drivers who oddsmakers feel are the strongest competitors for a particular race will start at least at 3/1 or 4/1 underdogs.

There is Time to Build a Bankroll: NASCAR wagering has a very high break-even point compared to other sports. This means that you can make several weeks worth of losing wagers without fear of getting buried because, in most cases, it will only take 1 race win to cover your losses in 5 or more races, depending on the line of the winner you select.

Same Competitors, Same Tracks: Because a NASCAR career can span decades, it’s relatively easy to get a handle on the competition in a short period of time. Also aiding in your handicapping is the fact that, with a few exceptions, NASCAR visits the same tracks year after year so you can use this historical information to make very accurate race predictions from season to season.

Types of NASCAR Bets

There are several different types of NASCAR bets available for each race including:

Odds to Win: This particular bet is the most simple and most popular. Simply pick the driver you think will win the race.

Matchups: This bet is offered for the Qualifying run and the actual race. It pairs two drivers together with one being the favorite (-) and one being the underdog (+). To win this bet you need to select the driver you believe will either qualify higher or finish the race higher.

Top Finishing Driver: This wager is similar to a Match Up bet but offers higher odds by setting a pool of drivers to pick from. To win this bet, the driver you select must finish higher than all the other drivers in the pool.

Manufacturer to Win: This is another very simple wager. Place a bet on which car maker (Ford, Dodge, Chevy or Toyota) will finish first in a particular race.

Manufacturer exacta: Those who have ever bet a horse race will recognize this term. To win this bet, you must pick the manufacturer of the first AND second place finishing cars in the correct order of a particular race.

> Learn the Betting Basics for NASCAR! provides sports betting rules, basics, advice, systems, and strategy, online for free, covering NFL Football, NCAA college basketball, NBA, pro MLB baseball wagering from gambling experts.

By: Toyota USA Blog

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Nascar Nationwide Series: Carl Edwards Obtains His First Victory

toyota nascar

Carl Edwards has recently become the winner of the Nationwide Series, which took place last Saturday at the Michigan International Speedway. This was the nineteenth victory for Roush Fenway Racing team in Michigan, but the first so far in the series.


Both favorite drivers to win the competition Stewart and Edwards began the competition in good shape and Edwards who was driving the Roush Fenway Racing’s Ford headed without problems during the 125 laps required at the two miles track.


“I am so happy to have won. We had been so close before. I do not know how we were able to win over Tony. He was very fast. The car was genial during the whole day”, stated Edwards after finishing the race”.


This is Edwards’ third victory of the year in the Nationwide Series, but during this race Edwards was ahead for the most laps and a time difference of 3,5 seconds ahead of Vickers. Unfortunately for Efland he crashed at the starting of the final lap and only managed to finish the race with the yellow flag.


On the other hand, Vickers himself stated that he left sad as despite of his constant efforts and hard work to win one of the races he has not been able to be successful at it, perhaps he also needs to bit of luck to his favor.


There is also a question regarding the efficiency of the vehicles driven by Edwards (Ford) and Vickers (Toyota). Vickers believes there is a manner of the machines’ power involved and the technology implemented by both teams.


Another driver who had a good weekend was Tony Stewart who finished third in the race followed by Mark Martin, Greg Biffle, Mike Bliss and the 18 year-old rookie, Joey Logano. 


By the end of the present season Stewart will become the Stewart-Haas Racing driver and owner, he is very pleased with his decision as well as the way he has been performing during this campaign. His new project will be very demanding and he is looking forward to a new beginning. He has won a total of five races and he is already a strong candidate for the upcoming competitions.


The highlight of the race was the crash of Clint Bowyer and David Reutimann in the final part of the race but there was no need for medical assistance. Edwards has to his account a total of 16 victories and 113 points just behind Bowyer. Keselowski who finished in the eleventh position has a total of 132 points. Now, all drivers are heading to Bristol next week for the decisive race.


Nevertheless there are always questions and doubts about the drivers, the vehicles, the mechanical teams, and the strategies used on the track but that is the way Nascar racing unveils its good and bad moments. One thing is certain and that is we will see more action throughout the remaining races and more new talents appearing every day.


By: Toyota USA Blog

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Can a Toyota Full Body Kit Benefit your Car?

toyota racing
For many customizing their cars and trucks, to suit their personalities, is a hobby; for others, it is a lifestyle statement. The methods include increasing the horsepower, drastically. Ground effects and slick parts are used to improve visual appeal.

There are several body kits available. You have to select the right one with care, to avoid regret and additional expenditure on its further replacement. Painting the kit costs money, too.

Front and rear bumpers (fenders), side skirts, and spoilers are the typical components of a body kit. These are used to modify the exterior of your car.

The spoilers are particularly important, if you are looking for a body kit that will impart greater speed to your vehicle, by improving its aerodynamics. Spoilers are attached to the underside of your car. A front spoiler positioned under your front bumper helps reduce aerodynamic drag, and consequently, improves speed.

A rear spoiler pushes down the air to create a down force, which, in turn, improves traction, at high speeds. This makes your vehicle more stable, when you accelerate. In this manner spoilers contribute to making your car more speedy.

Thus, a body kit helps you to alter the traditional factory appearance of your car. Body kits are designed to complement each other; many opt to mix and match parts from different body kits, to make their vehicles look unique.

Either fiberglass, or polyurethane, is usually used to make body kits. Polyurethane body kits are tougher and damage-resistant. These are sturdy and easy to install and are ideal for those live in areas with bad roads. They are the most popular among enthusiasts.

Regardless of the style and car fiberglass body kits fit best. Fiberglass body kits are less expensive; also, when they get damaged, they can be fixed, provided the damage is minor. Carbon fiber is also used in body kits. They are lightweight material and very tough. (Bullet proof items use carbon fiber.) On the flip side, they cost a lot.

The ride height is best arrived at by considering the amount of ground clearance you need, according to the area you live in.

Except in the case of carbon fiber kits, body kits and panels are usually unfinished items. These need prepping, sanding, priming and painting. Some drilling, notching, or other minor modification may also be needed by most kits. Make sure you have sufficient insurance cover, to provide for the possibility of an accident. Cars fitted with body kits attract specialist insurers. Choose such a cover, if you think you need it.

Some Toyota full body kits include AIT, AIT Racing, Extreme Dimensions, GTP, ViS, Showoff. Prices range from $100 – $500.

To summarize, if you get a proper installation done, you can make your car look better than it did when it rolled out of the factory. In fact, it will reflect your identity, as you can custom design your car according to your personal taste. Apart from the visual appeal, you can also improve the aerodynamics of your car, so as to convert it into a racing car. So, if you’re looking to make a style statement, go for your Toyota Full Body Kit.

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Johnny Benson to Drive No. 46 Toyota Camry as Nextel Cup Visits Richmond

toyota racing
The tenth race of the ongoing Nextel Cup Series is set to take place on the 5th May this year at the Richmond International Speedway. This year’s race will be called the “Crown Royal Presents the Jim Stewart 400” after the winner of the essay writing contest sponsored by the Crown Royal.

As drivers, engineers and racing personalities gear up for the race, Johnny Benson is also taking preparation in his sixth start this year. Recently, the veteran driver talked about his relationship with present employer Wyler Racing.

Johnny Benson was recently named by the team to drive the no. 46 Toyota Camry at the next race of the season. Benson looked back on how he got the job. “The Wyler’s and (Crew Chief) Tony Furr asked me to do some testing for them at the end of last year and we thought that test went pretty well,” says Benson. “As this year got underway, they were talking about doing some more testing and called to see if I would do it. I said, “Yeah, I’d be glad.” I thought it would be pretty cool to help them test and just to help them out. I like doing that type of stuff,” he continued. After testing, the team apparently liked his performance which led to him being named as the team’s starter. “We went to Richmond earlier this month and the test went very well. I was hoping that if they ever went racing I’d get an opportunity to drive. I told them that they didn’t have any obligation for me to drive it, but that I would love to have the chance. This past week they called and said that we were going to race at Richmond and that I could drive, so I was pretty excited about it. It’s a pretty cool deal,” enthused Benson.

As far as his expectation for the upcoming race and his familiarity with the track, Benson appears to be ready for the race. “I think as a whole Richmond has been a great track for me. I love racing there. I love the type of track it is. I like how the racers approach that track knowing it’s a two groove race track.” Benson also pointed out his love for the track in his recent statement. “You can race anywhere you want,” he says. “You don’t have to beat and bang your way past somebody. It’s just a great race track. And it’s a Saturday night race which is great for the fans and you know the whole atmosphere aspect of it is good. It’s a type of track that I like. It’s a challenging track but it’s also a finesse style race track. I think that falls within my suit. I’ve had a lot of great races there and some that we’ve run really well that don’t have the finishes to prove that based off being caught up in something. But it’s a place that I really enjoy and love to race at.”

The next race will be held in relatively shorter tracks than other speedways. For Benson, this fact is considered as an advantage. “I like racing on all of the tracks that we go too. They all have their own challenges. But I think as most racers – because we grew up on short tracks – we always enjoy racing on them,” says Benson. “We do so many intermediate tracks now that the short tracks are a little more few and far between; maybe not so much in the Truck Series, but in the Cup Series. So I think we all enjoy going back and running the short track races.”

While Benson has had good races in Richmond and he admitted that the track is to his liking, how he performs in the actual race is evident on how he has tested his Camry at the speedway. To his credit, Benson looks set to have a good race after he has completed his test of the track with no sign of problems at all. “I think the communication that I had with Tony Furr at the test in Richmond was excellent,” he said. “We unloaded for the test and were decent right off of the truck,” he added. He also credited his team for the way the test has gone. “As the day went on, I was pretty impressed by Tony and all the guys that work at Wyler Racing. I was impressed when I worked with them at the Homestead test last year and then, of course, at Richmond too. They all work well together and communicate well. Our speeds were good and we were happy with our qualifying efforts and our speeds in race trim.”

While testing good is a positive boost for the team, Benson knows that the actual race will be a different area. “It will be a different deal going back for the race, but I hope we can maintain the type of run that we had at the test,” Benson said. “The opportunity sitting in front of us is a good opportunity to hopefully go there and run well,” he concluded.

With Benson’s driving experience, his familiarity with the track and his admission that the next track they will be racing on is to his liking, there is a positive chance that he will have a good race come May 5. Aside from that, he has a Toyota Camry to drive which is engineered to provide more boost than standard a Toyota Camry equipped with a Toyota cold air intake system.

By: Lauren Woods

About the Author:

Given her background on cars as an auto insurance director, Lauren Woods finds the world of cars to be constantly changing.

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Nascar Sprint Cup Series: Biffle Adds Another Victory

toyota nascar
For the second consecutive time, Greg Biffle managed to advance in the final section of the Camping World RV 400 Sprint Cup race at Dover International Speedway taking the victory and overcoming the leaders and favorites to win this particular competition. Biffle certainly surprised many of us with his brief running to grasp the title. 


The Nascar’s driver Biffle was able to closely drive for most of the race next to the race leaders, but at the point when there were only 15 laps remaining he competed against his teammate Matt Kenseth; this was a very exciting part of the competition as Biffle constantly tried to surpass Kenseth in each lap but Kenseth put up a good race but finally Biffle overcame him with an absolute win. 


On the other hand, Carl Edwards achieved a third place despite trying very hard to obtain a better place. He was then followed by Mark Martin in the fourth place driving a Chevy, and the two-time champion, Jimmie Johnson, arrived in fifth place. 


Among the top ten positions also were: Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton and Michael Waltrip. Eight of these ten drivers had previously competed in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship, except for Martin and Waltrip. One driver that did not have a good performance as expected was Kyle Busch who ended the race in the 43rd position, which was the last place.


Despite the fact that it was a very splendid day for Nascar’s racing it was not such a good day for Busch neither David Gilliland as they both collided hardly against the retention wall. Another crash was that of Patrick Carpentier, which lost control of his Dodge in the first curve, striking the defense of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase contender, Carl Edwards.


Another driver Jeff Gordon showed his skills and speed while taking a privileged position along with Hamlin, Kenseth, Jamie McMurray, Martin, Dale Earnhardt Jr., David Reutimann, Bowyer, Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr.


During the 64th lap Joe Nemechek caused another yellow flag when his Chevy burst a front wheel and struck the external wall. Some other remarkable drivers who rose to top positions and finished seeded in the top ones were: Reutimann, Johnson, Bowyer, Burton and the race winner Biffle. Toyota’s AJ Allmendinge’s caused another yellow flag some laps later when hitting the retention wall. The sparks continued shortly after the yellow flag when Robby Gordon was put behind McMurray this certainly changed the race which at half point of the competition the Nascar driver Hornish crashed again in the 187th lap.


Another highlight of the race was the good performance and rising of the Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya who achieved a 17th place. He has also been improving race after race as he seems to be getting more comfortable with the vehicle he is now driving, he is one of those drivers that will sooner than later surprise us with an unexpected victory in the short run.

By: Toyota USA Blog