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Toyota Blog 2009 Toyota Camry: Excels In All Round Performance

toyota camry
The Toyota Camry has been a favorite and best selling family car in America ever since it made its debut in 1987. The midsize 2008 Toyota Camry is available as eight models, in four different trims, the base CE, the top favorite LE , the SE and the most luxurious XLE. A Hybrid version is also available in the present line-up, which represents the second year of the nameplate’s sixth generation. There are no major changes in the present year 2009 Camry models. Toyota is the only car manufacturer which appears in the top 10 of the BrandZ name recognition ranking. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in the USA on 31st October, 2007, Toyota offers a lineup of some of the most reliable and durable quality Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Hybrids.

The 2009 Toyota Camry (starting at $18,720) is available in CE, LE , SE, XLE, and Hybrid models. The new 2009 Camry exhibits Toyota’s aerodynamic styling with more vigor, and features an attractive cabin that is functional and refined, matching that of close rivals in its class. The Camry ranks as the most popular car built by Toyota.

This midsize car lineup includes CE, LE , SE, and top-line XLE models. A Hybrid model is also offered with standard equipment similar to the XLE. All Camry models receive a 158-hp 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with a standard 5-speed manual transmission; a 5-speed automatic is standard on XLE and optional on the others. Also available on the LE, SE, and XLE models is a 268-hp 3.5-liter V6 engine, which uses a 6-speed automatic. The Hybrid teams a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder gas engine with a battery-powered electric motor rated for 187 hp; it runs on either of its power sources and requires no plug-in charging.

The base Camry features a six-speaker CD audio system with an auxiliary input jack, air-conditioning, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, cruise control, full power accessories, 16-inch steel wheels, and a 60/40-split-folding rear seat. The LE adds keyless entry and an eight-way power driver seat. The SE upgrades to a sport-tuned suspension, 17-inch alloy wheels, and special interior and exterior styling details. The XLE receives a 440-watt JBL sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, automatic dual-zone climate control, reclining rear seats, a moonroof, and leather seating.

The Toyota Camry’s portrays an elegant combination of sculpted design and classic good looks.

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Toyota Prius Hybrid Exterior and Interior Review

toyota review

The most important thing about the Toyota Prius to look at is the fact that driving this particular hybrid is a fashion statement all of its own. At least 57% of Prius owners seem to think that the fashion statement is a good one, and the exterior of the car only helps aid that argument. At first glance, the exterior lends the opinion that the Prius is a great car, and when you look closer, the Prius’s exterior characteristics are quite intricate and outstanding.

Reviewers and experts alike have given the Prius fantastic rankings and scores just based on the Prius’s exterior. Considering how sleek and stylish most hybrid cars look, being able to win them out for style has shown that the exterior must have some major kudos to turn that many heads.

First of all, the Toyota Prius is not at all a vehicle designed simply for one purpose. No, the Prius was definitely designed to impress its audience, as well as create its own fashion statement that is loud and visible. Like the Chevy Tahoe, another hybrid vehicle, the Prius’s body is designed to reduce wind resistance, allowing the car to move faster and smoother on the road. A particular design, the Kammback design, was developed to help reduce air resistance and the very shape of the car has a low coefficient drag and is functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

Oddly enough, the Toyota Prius has actually prompted its own jargon, such as the rise of “Prius politics,” wherein a driver often purchases a hybrid car so that they can show off. The car’s exterior is incredibly unique and innovative, and so the Prius is easily identifiable by the style and make of the vehicle, and not nearly as much for the fuel-efficiency that the vehicle boats. Granted, the Prius is still a green car, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so drivers who buy the Prius are not only making a fashion statement, but are also helping to make the country more eco-friendly.

In dealing with hybrids, tires are just as important as the rest of the vehicle, and in the case of the Prius, this is no different. The tires used on the Prius are much better at reducing friction while on the road, given a lower rolling resistance. Thankfully, not only are the tires better with resistance, but they also have a firmer grip on the road, making driving much safer and easier to handle.

Who is the Prius for? The Toyota Prius is for the driver interested in contributing to the reduction of environmental issues. Yet, for the majority of Prius drivers, this vehicle is still a fashion status, and the Prius can be seen as a badge of social ranking as well. In fact, most know that Prius’s are not cheap vehicles, but what sells the Prius even through the price tag is that the exterior just looks that good. If considering a Toyota Prius, the reasons you’re probably doing so are for picking fuel-efficient and a stylish vehicle.


The basic construction of the Prius utilizes very lightweight materials, and the actually driving experience and the seating arrangement for the passengers is a great compliment to the car. The design for the car is that of a D-segment which means the Prius has plenty of room for driving and riding comfortably. In fact, the interior makes for a very pleasant and cosy ride.

The rear seats can deal with a 60:40 split or completely fold flat, making storage much easier in what seems like a smaller vehicle. In this car, luggage storage won’t be problematic. The Prius’s front seats are based on being of hip-point height to reduce stressful body positioning, enabling a much more comfortable ride. This height makes getting in and out of the car much easier and much more comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I like being able to actually move around after I get into the car.

The Prius hybrid’s interior design is based on being able to utilize a higher position to drive by. This particular positioning is better for the driver by enhancing visibility and comfort. The instrumentation and control panel in the interior give easier control over many of the features. Buttons and controls are all centralized right at the driver’s fingertips around the steering wheel so that you don’t have to stretch across the car anymore just to change the radio station. Even some of the engine’s features are now controllable by the dashboard.

There is no mistaking that Toyota has given a great deal of time and consideration in order to create a comfortable and worthwhile control panel and interior. Many of the design features and technological benefits, such as being able to integrate the Bluetooth cell phone interface, make driving the Prius much safer, convenient and enjoyable experience.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid Review – the Pros and Cons

toyota review
It is said that as a hybrid the Toyota Camry hybrid does not have the same performance capabilities as the conventional sedan, but I would venture to say that as a moderate recreational driver, this car has all the performance capabilities one would need.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is a more spacious, luxurious, comfortable version of Toyota’s popular Prius hybrid, with equally impressive fuel economy. The Camry hybrid lacks the aspects of the Prius that some buyers might find off-putting, such as the compact size. The Camry hybrid establishes a perfect balance of fuel economy, ‘green’ living, and a functional family sedan.

The electric qualities of the Toyota Camry hybrid are subtle compared to its counter parts. While driving the Toyota Prius, the driver can tell when the gas engine has shut off and the car’s power is coming from the battery. Likewise, one can also tell when the gas engine has kicked back on, and the car is needing more power than the battery can provide. This is not the case with the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This car offers a smooth, seamless ride. One has to be really paying attention to the engine to determine which source is powering the car.

With the 2008 model’s reduced retail price, and the high gas prices facing our nation, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is a breath of fresh air. As far as I’m concerned, nothing available right now can match the quietness, comfort, and fuel economy of the Toyota Camry hybrid.

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Toyota and Scion of Northwest Arkansas, Committed to Excellence in Service

toyota review
Toyota and Scion of Northwest Arkansas is equipped with highly qualified and dynamic professionals whose constant endeavor has been to earn the goodwill of customers and usher in professional excellence in all spheres of an automotive franchise. Toyota NW Arkansas steers you into the world of technological wonders, where you can possess the comfort and power in style. Quality, reliability, transparency, convenience and enviable sales record are a few of the reasons why it makes sense to choose Toyota NW Arkansas. The quest for innovation is the foundation for Toyota and Scion of Northwest Arkansas.

Now, through the Toyota NW Arkansas sophisticated website, which is embedded with special, unique features, the dealership has made things more than easy for its customers. Just everything about Toyota and Scion cars is made available at the click of a mouse. You can buy genuine parts and accessories and even schedule a service appointment, online. Vehicle research, virtual brochure and reviews help you explore everything you want to know about your favorite cars. There are other attractive features like online specials, finance specials, new vehicles special, pre-owned specials and weekend specials which make online shopping experience more interesting and exciting. These innovative designs and features have bolstered the concept of online shopping.

Toyota and Scion of Northwest Arkansas presents to you a varied choice of new and pre-owned Toyota and Scion models. Collection of Toyota cars include Corolla, Camry, Avalon, Matrix, Prius, Camry Solara, Yaris, Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, Highlander, Land Cruiser, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna and FJ Cruiser. It also has an exquisite array of Scion vehicles such as xA, xB and tC.

Here is an overview of few of the Toyota and Scion models available with the dealership:

Toyota Corolla equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, pumps out 126 horsepower. The most popular model of Toyota, Corolla, is available in CE, LE and the sporty S versions. Its stylish, contemporary design speaks to your aesthetic sense. Its foundation of legendary quality, dependability and value speaks to your common sense.

The new 2007 Toyota Camry comes with a four-cylinder engine or a V6 engine. It also comes with an all-new hybrid drive train that delivers 192 horsepower. The Camry is available in three different models namely SE, XLE and Hybrid.

The 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV that has the seating capacity of 8 passengers and offers just one trim level, the base model. Powering the 2007 Land Cruiser is the 4.7 liter V8 engine which provides 265 hp @5400 rpm and 310 lb.-ft torque @3400 rpm. Its transmission is a 5-speed automatic with overdrive

Scion xA, the least-expensive model in Toyota’s youth-oriented Scion line, is a 4-dr hatchback powered by 103-hp 4-cyl engine with manual or optional automatic transmission. Front side airbags and curtain side airbags are optional. Standard equipment includes ABS, air conditioning, power windows/locks/mirrors, and a 60/40 split folding rear seat.

The 2007 tC, a 2-dr hatchback coupe comes from Toyota’s youth-oriented Scion division. It has a 160-hp 4-cyl and a 5-speed manual transmission or optional 4-speed automatic. Standard equipment includes ABS and a driver knee airbag among other features.

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2008 Toyota Rav4 Review – a Review of the 2008 Toyota Rav4 Suv

toyota review
The 2008 Toyota RAV4 is both innovative and reliable, with several new features that offer safety as well as practicality. Impressive new features include the RAV4’s tire pressure monitoring, which alerts the driver when tire levels are critically low. There’s also a DVD rear entertainment system with headphones for passengers.

The 2008 RAV4 offers several standard safety features, including front and side curtain airbags, and a 3-point seatbelt system in all seating positions. Its novel cruise control with brake deceleration lets the drive slow down while without turning off the control feature. The RAV4, though sporty, is designed with the family in mind. It has child-protector rear door locks, and a restraint system with tether anchors.

Halogen headlamps, chrome or black grilles and black roof rails and cross bars add to the striking appearance of the RAV4, while high solar energy-absorbing glass make it an advanced model.

Interior comfort is provided by the RAV4’s air conditioning with filtration and driver and front passenger heated seats, along with 50/50 third row seats with fold-flat-into-floor capability for additional storage. The RAV4 comes standard with an AM/FM CD player, MP3/WMA playback capability, and six speakers. Other options include a 6-disc in-dash changer, WMA-MP3 playback capability and up to nine speakers. Bluetooth and satellite radio capabilities also are available.

Toyota includes in each RAV4 an amber-illuminated tri-dial Optitron display including speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge meters. There’s also an LCD odometer with twin tripmeters and seatbelt disconnect, airbag, door-ajar, battery, oil pressure, brake, and Vehicle Stability Control, which is designed to aid the driver in controlling the vehicle in adverse road conditions. The RAV4 comes with a 166-horse power, 4-cylinder or 269-horse power, V6 engine.

Toyota’s 2008 RAV4 combines technology, safety and affordability, making it one of this year’s most appealing SUVs on the market.

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Toyota: Leading to Number One Position

toyota review
In the last few months, it had been in the news report that some of the world’s largest automakers are facing the declining period. General Motors is one of them and on the other hand Toyota is getting extreme primacy in the market. It is the belief of some of the experts that by the end of this year, Toyota will lead the General Motors is number of sales but there are some who are expressing a caution in regard of this assessment. So the question still remained unanswered, whether Toyota will rule the auto-market or General Motors will be able to maintain its positions and authority.Neck to neck competition between Toyota and General Motors: -

The main thing that matters in this world which tells about the number one position of the company is the prestige. If a company is holding the top place, then it means that consumers will be attracted by the reputation of the company and all the company is laying at the top of the game. So when experts talk about Toyota then it was revealed that they are working very hard to reach the heights of success. So, if one is trying is so hard then why must devoid the first rank.

Enhancing features and technologies of Toyota: -

Another reason for the popularity of the Toyota is the company had already moved to the hybrid technology which is proving to be much superior to the average model cars. It had been noted that the cars which are running on the hybrid technology from Toyota are able to produce an average of 40 MPG gas mileage and this average moves to 38 MPG on highways.

The engine in the present Toyota models is 4-cylinder engine which is mainly using gasoline as the main fuel. Besides this, the maximum capacity is 30 KW on 245V battery or 40 horsepower. Maximum power can peaks up to 192 or 140 kilowatts. Besides the capacity of the gasoline engine can be 2.4 liters. On the other hand the electric motor is of 45 horsepower. Another good thing about the latest engine technology in the Toyota car models is that engine can maintain the power band efficiently and this can be done with the help of CVT which constantly transfer front wheels.

Another new technology which is engraved by Toyota is the Hybrid Synergy Drive which always keep the engine in the first gear if the speed of the car changes. The best thing about Toyota is that all the car models are based on perfect reviews and test drives and then only launched in market. This results in fine acceleration about the models particularly in heavy traffics.

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Toyota Hybrid X

Prototype presented in the Geneva Car Show (March, 9th, 2007)

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Toyota Slashes Sales Plan as US Rate Stalls Its Momentum W

toyota review

Tag:Toyota,slashes sales plan,US,SUV production

  Earlier this month, Toyota announced sprawling manufacturing changes in the US and shutting down truck and SUV production, to respond to changing consumer demand.

  Even with the lower number announced yesterday, Toyota Motor Corp plans to sell more vehicles than it did last year.

  The pace of Toyota’s growth has been slowing. Under the new target it would inch up 1 percent this year, in contrast to a 6-percent climb in 2007, when it sold 9.37 million vehicles.

  “The main reason for the change came from the faltering United States economy, and how rising oil prices and material costs are dampening the market there overall,” said Toyota spokeswoman Kayo Doi. The Japanese and west European markets were also sluggish, but Toyota’s solid sales in China, the Middle East and other markets were enough to maintain its worldwide growth, she said.

  Toyota now plans to sell 2.44 million vehicles in the US, far less upbeat than the earlier plan to sell 2.64 million vehicles. It also slashed the sales plan for North America to 2.67 million vehicles from 2.84 million vehicles.

  The new plan marks a nearly 7-percent drop from Toyota’s 2007 sales results of 2.62 million vehicles for the US, and a 5-percent slip from 2.82 million vehicles for North America. Prior to yesterday’s revision, Toyota had expected sales to grow in North America, including the US. The manufacturer of the Camry sedan, Corolla subcompact and Prius hybrid also lowered its production plan for this year to 9.5 million vehicles – unchanged from the previous year.

  Earlier, it had set the manufacturing target at 9.95 million vehicles, which would have represented 5-percent growth from 2007. Tatsuo Yoshida, auto analyst with UBS Securities Japan in Tokyo, said woes over US auto sales weren’t likely to ease until next year.

  “I think Toyota is giving rather cautious targets,” he said. “GM is in a worse state in reliance on trucks, but Toyota also has the same problem.”

  Toyota, the world’s second-largest auto maker in annual vehicles sales after General Motors Corp, has averted the battering its American rivals have taken from soaring gas prices.

  Toyota has long boasted a reputation for models with good mileage.

  And its sales are still expected to be strong in emerging markets such as Russia, China and India, offsetting some of the losses in North America.

  How the full-year tallies will add up is still uncertain as Detroit-based GM is also reporting growth in new markets. GM, the world’s top auto maker for 77 years straight, doesn’t release full-year sales forecasts.

  Toyota outsold GM by 277,532 vehicles in the first six months of this year, selling 4.82 million vehicles worldwide. The call was close in 2007. GM eked out a win at 9.37 million to Toyota’s 9.366 million vehicles.

  Also hurting Toyota is the sluggish Japanese auto market, where Toyota is the top-seller. Toyota said it now ex pects to sell 2.23 million vehicles in its domestic market this year, rather than the initial 2.27 million. It sold 2.26 million vehicles in Japan in 2007.

  With auto sales ailing in the key North American market, speculation had been growing that Toyota would lower its sales targets. Toyota reviews such plans every half-year or so. But even Toyota is struggling to shift production from gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles and trucks to smaller models.


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Tag:Toyota,slashes sales plan,US,SUV production

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Toyota Prius Review – the Pros and Cons

toyota review
Everyone has seen the futuristic Toyota Prius as they have navigated the highways. It arrived on the scene in 2004 and was quick to gain supporters. Its popularity soared in Hollywood among those whose “green” lifestyle needed a matching car. Other California drivers grew interested when the state of California issued HOV passes for those driving the Toyota Prius.

The design hasn’t changed much in 2008, but it remains a hot seller. The Manufacturers Retail price for a 2008 Toyota Prius starts at 22,000. With climbing gas prices they are hard to find. The Prius is powered by a battery powered electric motor and a gasoline engine. They can either work together or by themselves. This combination gets the driver the best fuel economy.

If you are interested in protecting the air we breathe, the Prius produces minimal emissions when stuck in traffic. The gasoline engine only activates when driving highway speeds or when a power surge is necessary. The Prius seats 5 (4 adults comfortably) and has 4 doors. It actually lists as a midsize sedan. Seat configuration also allows for plenty of cargo room for the size of the car.

The Prius has large windows that allow for great visibility. One of the most popular features is the push button start. Other high tech features include a rear view monitor and DVD navigation. The Toyota Prius has above average safety ratings and scored all 4 and 5s on crash tests. The Prius’ features make it perfect for anyone.

If you are interested in purchasing a Toyota Prius, Used Toyota USA has a large selection and local city pages to help you find your Toyota Prius.

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Full Overview of the Toyota Camry Hybrid

toyota review
In the midst of universal trepidation of crude oil shortage and at the same time cost of fuel soaring high, several companies have conceptualized and even some initiated ways to play a part to global quest to lessen emission of carbon monoxide and to lessen the continuous increase of gasoline demand. One these companies is the Toyota Motor Corporation, the company who introduced Toyota Camry Hybrid. In bringing the Toyota Camry Hybrid into the market in 2006, the company aims to uphold the mission to support the environment with its cost and energy efficiency features.

The phenomenal success of Toyota Camry Hybrid stretched as far from across the Pacific, namely the countries of Australia and New Zealand, not to mention the company’s home market, Japan and the United States as well. The concept and use of Hybrid vehicles due to its fuel efficiency is now very much popular in every part of the world. The achievement of Toyota Camry Hybrid in terms of sales has been every car maker’s key for them to develop and modify the specification their own hybrid vehicles.

Due to its popularity and high demand in North America, the production is licensed by Toyota’s regional unit Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, where a plant site is situated in Georgetown, Kentucky. Meanwhile, another regional unit in Australia will be conducting a massive research to develop and produce the next generation model of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, which they aim to design and distribute to the Asia-Pacific market hopefully by 2011.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid surpasses the overall rating of its features because apart from encompassing the basic features of the regular and Camry sedan, the combination of gasoline – electric timely power train feature makes this Camry Hybrid model above distinction. More and more consumers find this model’s high efficiency, which makes it very popular throughout the market. In short, the model of this kind makes a unique combination of the specification and feature of any normal Toyota cars and the Camry Sedan making its hybrid specification as the bonus part.

Bearing this information in mind, it leads us to only one conclusion, Toyota Camry Hybrid is a full-pledged hybrid and anyone who plans to purchase this version can do so without batting an eyelash. You will appreciate that the model’s dependability in terms of fuel efficiency, ecological benefits, its cost effectiveness and over all excellence in its specification, makes the Toyota Camry Hybrid an A – lister for most consumers. So if you happen to decide to take this model, kudos to you and enjoy your time driving.

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