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VW Golf

vw golf
Not until Volkswagen came up with a compact car called VW Golf did the German automaker find a successful replacement to its iconic VW Beetle. For most parts of Volkswagen’s history the Beetle had been its most produced and popular car, until the time came when its novelty had worn thin. As the car industry became more competitive Volkswagen had nothing that could make a decent showing in the market but the Beetle. Even for the car’s manufacturer the VW Beetle feat was hard to outdo.

Volkswagen tried a slew of Beetle offshoots to pump interest back to its vehicle designs. Celebrated for its “people’s car” concept, Volkswagen innovation focused more on economical, comfort-tuned vehicles rather than on performance-class cars. Volkswagen gambled on its seminal idea, and it paid off when the front-wheel drive of the hatchback VW Golf showed the realization of the people’s car concept.

The front-wheel drive setup allowed for a reduction of

VW Golf parts in the car assembly, turning low production cost into a low-priced car. Only the powertrain was installed in the engine bay. The driveshaft and rear differential, traditional car parts installed on rear-wheel and four-wheel cars, were removed from the engine bay. This parts streamlining made the VW Golf the lightest car in its class, and also the most spacious. With its less weight, the VW Golf was set for a better fuel efficiency and car handling.

The drivetrain parts of the VW Golf spanned the front wheels, drawing the center of gravity toward the front end of the car. This shift in the position of the car’s load improved the traction and road stability of the front wheels. The rear wheels, on the other hand, are fitted with the VW Golf brake parts assembly. This car design equips the VW Golf with predictable handling characteristics that make it easy and comfortable to keep a tight rein of the drivetrain.

The front-wheel design of the VW Golf comes not with a downside. Because it is the front wheels that have to be steered, they are fitted with VW Golf parts called constant velocity joints, and not the more performance-tuned universal joints. When the wheels are steered, the CV joints are flexed through a much wider angle, and additionally take the brunt of steering stress. This makes the CV joint the most serviced VW Golf parts. This downside, however, is hardly a problem for the VW Golf went on to become a Volkswagen bestseller.

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Toyota Wins on Vw’s Territory

toyota racing
Toyota racers Serge Damseaux and Robert Paisley won last weekend’s Volkswagen rally. The event was round five of the SA Rally championship. In an S2000 Toyota RunX Rsi, the two extended their lead in the title chase to 10 points with three rounds remaining. It’s Damsaux’s 73rd National rally victory and his 11th on the Eastern Cape event.

Damseaux and Paisley set the quickest times on the first two stages, with two more stage wins later to end Friday in a close fight with championship rivals Enzo Kuun and Guy Hodgson (S2000 Volkswagen Polo).

Volkswagen doesn’t only make quality race cars. The also make quality Volkswagen bus parts.

In the opening stage of day two, the Toyota tandem took a five-second win and extended their lead over the remaining stages in the Longmore Forest to be 25 seconds ahead of Kuun and Hodgsdon.

After 16 stages of intense competition, the S2000 VW Polos of Enzo Kuun/Guy Hodgson, Jan Habig/ Douglas Judd and Hergen Fekken/Pierre Arries, finished second, third and fourth respectively.

After a baffling Friday run, Johnny Gemmell and Zimbabwean co-driver Peter Marsh positioned their S2000 Toyota RunX RSi fifth.

On the road, Gemmell was drawn second and declined 26 seconds off the leaders’ pace. Last Saturday, he was still running second on the road where he set almost reducing the deficit over the gripper repeat stages. He took two stage wins to come in only five seconds behind the Hergen Fekken/Pierre Arries VW Polo.

The N4 production car class was won by Fernando Rueda and navigator Gerhard Snyman in a Mitsubishi Lancer, ahead of Visser du Plessis/Dave Lewkowicz in a Subaru WRX STi. In a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, Paul Pfeiffer and Cindi Harding took third, only 34 seconds behind Rueda and Snyman.

Having their fifth Class A7 win of 2007 were Mark Cronje and Chris Birkin in a Toyota RunX, 6min34 ahead of rivals Mike Nathan and Dean Redelinghuys in an A7 Toyota Corolla. Tony Ball and Alan Bissett took third in class in VW Golf.

Mohammed Moosa and Henry Dearlove in a Toyota RunX won the N3 category ahead of the similar car of Rodney Visagie and Arno La Grange. Craig Trott and Carolyn Swan (Toyota RunX) took the A6 honors ahead of Stevan Wilken and Gert Nienaber’s VW Polo.

Gugu Zulu and Carl Peskin’s VW CitiGolf won in the Class A5. Piet Bakkes and Tommy du Toit claimed second in a Toyota Tazz. Ettiene du Toit and Patrick Vermaak (Toyota Corolla Rxi) won class N2 from Steven White and Ashley Haigh Smith in a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Jean-Pierre Damseaux and Cobus Vrey in another RunX suffered a differential problem, finishing the Friday run in front-wheel-drive mode and 17th overall after taking 15 minutes of being late to fix the problem. A day-two charge brought them up to 11th and 10 championship points.

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Toyota Hybrid X

Prototype presented in the Geneva Car Show (March, 9th, 2007)

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Vw’s Magotan to Compete With Toyota’s Camry

Toyota Prius
Volkswagen AG, Europe’s largest automaker and the biggest overseas car maker in China has started selling Magotan sedans in the country and in the process challenging Toyota Motor Corp.’s Camry which is equipped with high quality Toyota thermostat.

The Magotan sedans are equipped with 1.8-liter or 2-liter engine and have a base price starting 192,800 yuan or $25,000 basing in an email coming from Volkswagen. On the other hand Toyota’s China-made Camry has a price that starts at 197,800 yuan more expensive than the Magotan by 5,000 yuan.

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The Wolfsburg-based automaker plans to add as many as 14 new models in China by the end of 2009 in an effort to maintain its market lead. Likewise, the automaker’s Santana and Jetta sedans has claimed the top two spots in the first-half sales rankings in the country and comparing that with Camry which went on sale last year and was only able to obtain the fourth rank.

According to Tiecheng, President of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co. one of Volkswagen’s China ventures, “The Magotan helps to diversify FAW-Volkswagen’s product structure, allowing us to be more competitive in the market.”

Europe’s largest automaker, Volkswagen has about 19 percent of China’s car market accomplished in the first half of the year after boosting sales by a quarter to 431,369. The FAW-Volkswagen which is a venture with China FAW Group Corp. will make the Magotan which is offered as the Passat in Europe. Volkswagen also has a venture with Shanghai Automotive Co. the listed unit of SAIC Motor Corp.

In other news, Jim Press, the President of Toyota North America has made a rather bold statement saying that “eventually, everything will be a hybrid.” And aside from that he has shown his confidence in Toyota’s ability and so proud of their product line that he goes as far as saying that the ground-breaking Toyota Prius hybrid is just like Ford’s Model T.

It should be noted that the Ford Model T has often been considered as the first of its kind and a car which was made accessible to the masses. It was somewhat advance for its time and has helped in shaping the automotive industry into what it is today. Mr. Press is also saying that the Prius just like the Model T is equally revolutionary.

The everything-will-become-hybrid speech of Mr. Jim Press has aroused various reactions and of course there are those that contradict Mr. Press’ statement saying that not everything will be hybrid. But with the present trend in the auto industry maybe who knows we might all end up driving hybrids.