Gas Saver – Buying a Hydrogen Booster Vs. a Prius

So, you’re about to purchase a new Prius because it’s a hybrid gas saver – maybe you’ve never even heard of a hydrogen booster. A new Prius hybrid sounds like a great plan because of all the money you’ll be saving on gas, right? Hey, we aren’t here to judge, but did you know the Prius has gone over 60,000 vehicles sold? This is great news for the car manufacturer, but bad news for you. Why? Well, unfortunately, once they reached this mark that energy tax credit you were hoping for just went out the window.

Hey, we aren’t trying to burst anyone’s bubble. We just like you to know some things that others may not like to tell you about a gas saver. The point is there are several individuals wanting to purchase a Prius based on the tax benefit because when they got that return, guess where it would have gone? Yep, towards those ridiculously large car payments. One of the biggest downfalls to purchasing a new hybrid vehicle like the Prius is the cost.

In order to save money at the pump, you have to shell out thousands of dollars. This means it will take years to actually get any savings at all, especially if you are paying interest on the payments. Then there are those of us who don’t have the money to be spending on a brand new fuel saver car. With the economy the way it is right now, who wants to keep spending money? Even the economic stimulus checks were a stalling tactic. All we can say is it’s time to take matters into your own hands and look at the alternatives.

A year ago, a hydrogen booster diy fuel saver was just another thing on the internet trying to compete with everyone else. No one seemed too interested because eventually the cost of gas would go down as the war in Iraq continued. To everyone’s surprise, gas kept rising and is now hitting the $4 a gallon plateau all around the country. Since October of 2007, the demand for gas saver hydrogen boosters has been enormous. We imagine in the months to come it will only get bigger.

However, millions of people still aren’t aware of how a hydrogen booster can change your lifestyle. Instead of working to pay for gas, why not go back to paying for gas so you can get to work? Get the tax breaks you’ve been looking for by installing a hydrogen booster. Just for hooking this up to your vehicle, you’ll receive a $2,000 IRS break for using a clean burning automobile. According to one hydrogen booster website, larger vehicles like buses can claim up to $50,000. Then you would be able to go out and buy that Prius right?

The question is whether or not you want to spend years trying to recoup your investments purchasing a new Prius hybrid. We came across an interesting piece that said you would have to drive almost 47,000 miles just to start seeing savings on gas, based on average driving. Not sure if you want to spend the time doing that considering there is another gas saver option where you can save money right now. Whatever you decide to do, we hope this article has at least given you some options you were unaware of before.

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By: Toyota USA Blog

Toyota’s Prius — is the Hybrid Technology Worth the Extra Cost?

The Prius embodies Toyota’s motto, “Moving Forward.” They designed the Prius to be a step up in the car world, rather than a step toward awkwardness, as I would expect from any environmentally conscious car. The car looks and feels special. People notice the difference in appearance and realize that the whole motivation for the car is different.

The people have cried out for relief from rising gas prices. They have sought after something that doesn’t destroy the environment. Toyota has answered the people with their gas/electric hybrid, the Prius.

The Prius gets an average of 45 mpg in the city as well as on highways. People with lead feet complain that this car gives them no better gas mileage then a regular car, but this is because gas usage depends very much on the driver, how he or she works the gas pedal. The driver can ensure the best possible gas mileage by watching the screen mounted on the dashboard.

It is disputable whether or not additional cost for the hybrid technology is worth the money saved in gas expenditure. The car costs at least five thousand more than the average Toyota sedan to begin with. Then there is an additional seven to eight thousand dollar cost when the battery wears out. The battery’s warrantee comes to an end after one hundred thousand miles.

The car is trim and slim, easy to fit into small spaces. Unfortunately, the leg room is a bit wanting for the driver’s side in particular. I don’t understand why they didn’t allow the front seats to slide back any further. This is one of the few misgivings I have about the Prius.

So would you rather give your money to gas companies who are deliberately raising gas prices because they know there is nothing you can do about it, or would you rather support Toyota who is putting forth effort to give you a choice in the matter? Assuming I’ll break even in car payments vs. gas prices, I would rather support Toyota.

Toyota’s Prius also includes keyless entry and push button start. As long as the key is in your pocket, the car will sense this and unlock the car. Same thing goes for starting the car. As long as the key is in your pocket, just push the button and the car will start. The keyless key also makes it impossible to lock your keys in the car.