Toyota Camry Parts Offer Only the Best

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Car companies constantly bring wonders to the world with all the advancements they introduce to eager car owners who want nothing but improvement for their vehicles. One of the largest automakers in the world, Toyota Motor Corporation offers vehicles that are made up of reliable parts designed for heavy-duty applications. One of its most popular models and also one of the bestselling cars in automobile history is the Toyota Camry, which was first sold at the United States in 1983. Aside from comprising America’s bestselling car, the assembly of Toyota Camry parts also became the basis for the luxury vehicle Lexus ES300, for the full-size highway cruiser Toyota Avalon, and for the two-door Toyota Solara convertible and coupe.

With its 102 inch wheelbase, the Toyota Camry was relatively huge for a Japanese car. During the time it was introduced, its four-cylinder engine, which produced 92 horsepower, was considerably powerful. It was equipped with five-speed manual transmission or an automatic one and its engine produce a high-pitched sound when revved. People can easily dismiss the capability of Toyota Camry parts, which sported the limited 92 horsepower, but the car can actually outrace bigger and heavier models. Its unbeatable comfort, sound insulation, gas mileage, and reliability are what made the Camry a bestseller.

In a while since its introduction, a second American factory was subsequently built in Georgetown, Kentucky, which became Toyota’s first non-union plant as well as their first plant to be built independently. The first generation Toyota Camry parts assembly which featured a single fuel-injected 2 Liter engine lasted for only four years. With the 115 horsepower boasted by the redesign in 1987, together with reduced noise and vibration and many other developments in the succeeding models in the automobile series, the Toyota Camry became even more popular. Today, it bears the distinction of having been listed by USA Today as one of the cars that made the most significant impact in the American market from 1975 to 2000. Very recently, Motor Trend awarded the 2007 Camry as Car of the Year—a distinction that only attests to the enduring quality of this car which, as Motor Trend says, “…Toyota’s rivals wish they could build.”

Toyota Mum on Reports of Charges Dropped in Probe of Neglected Recalls


A major Japanese business daily reported in Tuesday that prosecutors have decided against filing charges against three Toyota officials under investigation on distrust of avoiding recalls that may have led to an accident.

Paul Nolasco, Toyota Motor Corporation’s spokesman, declined to comment on The Nikkei report saying that the company was not yet officially notified of any decision. Prosecutors in Kumamoto, in southern Japan where the accident happened, also declined to comment. Toyota has denied the wrongdoing in the case.

Without citing sources, the Nikkei reported that investigators had decided that it would be hard to move ahead with professional negligence charges in the 2004 head-on crash.

Police said that when the steering failed in a Toyota Hilux Surf sport utility vehicle, 5 people were injured in that accident. The failed steering caused the vehicle to swing out of control into the wrong lane. Whether Toyota had avoided making a needed recall for eight years is the core of the investigation. Company officials are accused of being aware of the steering problem from 1995 or 1996, with reports of problems initially spreading in 1992. Until October 2004, Toyota did not carry out a recall on the model. The giant Japanese car maker said that the recall was for a problem part used in the steering system that could break. Last year, prosecutors took over a police investigation that accused the three officials supervising quality control at the automaker. Their names were not exposed but Toyota has said at least one of them has left the company.

Maker of quality Toyota A/C compressor, Toyota reaches worldwide rapidly growing sales. In the first quarter, it surpassed General Motors Corp. in global sales and production, the first time that has happened in a quarter.

Toyota has a strong reputation for flawless quality, but that image has been damaged a bit lately due to series of recalls. As a result, some doubts have been raised whether it can maintain quality standards as its global sales expand rapidly. But the company executives have repeatedly expressed concerns about sliding quality and have promised to strengthen quality controls.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. was also into a scandal involving recall cover-ups, which has taken a huge toll on the car maker. Mitsubishi Motors acknowledged in 2000 that it had been systematically hiding auto defects from authorities for more than twenty years. The company disclosed in 2004; it had failed to come clean in 2000, and has carried out a downpour of recalls.

Nissan Motor Co. is also clashing up quality controls, emphasizing the need for transparency. In June, a new Nissan center in Japan to check into defects and to work closely with suppliers was opened.

Honda’s New Hybrid Battles With the Prius

The first ever hybrid car made for the US car market was from the Japanese car maker Honda Motor Corporation. The Honda Insight was first seen in 1999 on the US auto market. But after Toyota revealed the Prius, the Insight made an exit. Toyota Prius has ever since become the consistent number one hybrid car in the auto industry.

The presence of the Insight on the US car market was not as impressive as the Toyota Prius. Although Honda Insight also has the same fuel efficient features as the Toyota Prius, the two seats hybrid car soon vanished on the auto industry. Toyota has many buyers because of its quality yet affordable rates.

Later, Honda revealed two new breeds of hybrid cars, the Accord and Civic hybrids. However, even if they made it more effective than the Insight, these cars are still not enough to sway the Prius out of the market. The Civic hybrid had a distinctive hybrid features but it failed because of its “performance hybrid” nature that later resulted to scanty fuel efficiency gain as compared to the conventional Accord V6. The news was from the Daily Tech yesterday.

Honda tried to bring out the best vehicle to match with the ongoing Toyota Prius but the world famous hybrid car continues to receive more fame because of its real time fuel efficiency. The design as well as the appearance may not be as powerful as the other hybrids out there but Americans recognizes Prius as the best hybrid car in the market.

Toyota was able to sell 110,000 units on the first seven months of this year. Honda also gained a few but not enough to compensate for the efforts they made to sell both Civic and Accord Hybrid. But even with the combination of its sale, Toyota Prius still ranks the best seller hybrid car in the US market.

Honda Senior Vice President John Mendel said, “The Prius has become synonymous with hybrid; it’s the Kleenex of hybrids. We feel Honda should be synonymous with the most fuel-efficient company in America.”

Honda Motor Corporation is maybe tired of being the second rate which is why they are looking forward on building new hybrid car that could give the Toyota Prius a serious battle. Honda will build the so called “Global Small Hybrid” soon. This new car is a five-passenger car with a price tag of only $22,000 or below and scheduled to hit showrooms this coming 2009. Honda car maker did not mention about the car parts like Honda strut bar, if they are making it available on the new hybrid car.

Honda also released that the “Global Small Hybrid” is even better than the Toyota Prius in terms of fuel efficiency. The company has undergone several tests in terms of the Insight so they are pretty sure on what to do this time.

However while Honda is doing car that battles up with Prius, Toyota is also planning for more high tech hybrids for the future. By the year 2020, Toyota is also looking forward to meet the highest emission standards set by making more hybrid cars and cleaner diesel cars for the US market.