2008 Toyota Camry Solara Review – a Review of the 2008 Toyota Camry Solara Coupe

The 2008 Toyota Camry Solara is both tech-savvy and reliable, accommodating new features that provide safety and convenience. Impressive new features include this model’s Vehicle Stability Control with Brake Assist, which combined with traction control helps to reduce tire slippage due to sudden steering or change in road conditions.

The 2008 Camry Solara offers several standard safety features, including front, side and rear curtain airbags. Its Tire Pressure Monitoring adds to safety, letting the driver know when the tires are getting low. The Camry Solara, even with its striking appearance, is family-oriented with its rear-seat child restraint system and LATCH, a safety feature that drops tether brackets and anchors for children.

Halogen headlamps and LED taillights, and a power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade contribute to the sleek body style and a power-retractable fabric convertible top is available on the soft-top model.

Interior comfort is provided by a defroster-linked air conditioning and climate control with air filtration, and a 60/40 fold-flat bench seat with adjustable headrests. The Camry Solara also comes standard with a digital quartz clock, an AM/FM CD 6-disc in-dash changer with WMA/MP3 playback and satellite radio capabilities and in-glass antenna, or body-mounted antenna for the convertible. Bluetooth capabilities and wireless technology also is available on the Camry Solara.

Toyota includes an information display with average speed, instant and average fuel economy, distance to empty and elapsed time functions. The Camry Solara comes at two power levels, including 155-horse power, 4-cylinder engine or a 210-horse power, V6 engine.

Toyota’s 2008 Camry Solara is a car that combines safety, style and affordability, making it one of this year’s most attractive new models.

By: Toyota USA Blog


2009 Toyota Camry: Excels In All Round Performance

The Toyota Camry has been a favorite and best selling family car in America ever since it made its debut in 1987. The midsize 2008 Toyota Camry is available as eight models, in four different trims, the base CE, the top favorite LE , the SE and the most luxurious XLE. A Hybrid version is also available in the present line-up, which represents the second year of the nameplate’s sixth generation. There are no major changes in the present year 2009 Camry models. Toyota is the only car manufacturer which appears in the top 10 of the BrandZ name recognition ranking. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in the USA on 31st October, 2007, Toyota offers a lineup of some of the most reliable and durable quality Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Hybrids.

The 2009 Toyota Camry (starting at $18,720) is available in CE, LE , SE, XLE, and Hybrid models. The new 2009 Camry exhibits Toyota’s aerodynamic styling with more vigor, and features an attractive cabin that is functional and refined, matching that of close rivals in its class. The Camry ranks as the most popular car built by Toyota.

This midsize car lineup includes CE, LE , SE, and top-line XLE models. A Hybrid model is also offered with standard equipment similar to the XLE. All Camry models receive a 158-hp 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with a standard 5-speed manual transmission; a 5-speed automatic is standard on XLE and optional on the others. Also available on the LE, SE, and XLE models is a 268-hp 3.5-liter V6 engine, which uses a 6-speed automatic. The Hybrid teams a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder gas engine with a battery-powered electric motor rated for 187 hp; it runs on either of its power sources and requires no plug-in charging.

The base Camry features a six-speaker CD audio system with an auxiliary input jack, air-conditioning, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, cruise control, full power accessories, 16-inch steel wheels, and a 60/40-split-folding rear seat. The LE adds keyless entry and an eight-way power driver seat. The SE upgrades to a sport-tuned suspension, 17-inch alloy wheels, and special interior and exterior styling details. The XLE receives a 440-watt JBL sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, automatic dual-zone climate control, reclining rear seats, a moonroof, and leather seating.

The Toyota Camry’s portrays an elegant combination of sculpted design and classic good looks.

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Toyota Is Hot In Us And Japan

Major car manufacturer Toyota has produced car models that have consistently ranked high in both the US and Japan market, specifically with regard to the Toyota Camry and the remodeled Toyota Corolla.

While the Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car in the United States for the past four years (2002-2005), back in Japan where Toyota is based, it is the Toyota Corolla that has been the best selling vehicle. Reports say there were 70,675 units of the Toyota Corolla sold from January to June this year. That total is actually a decrease of 11.7% from their total sales during the same period a year ago.

According to figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, the Toyota Corolla has actually been the best-selling car in Japan for the last four six-month periods. Toyota actually released a fully remodeled Corolla in August 2000 and its impressive sales performance since that time attests to its immense popularity.

The performance of the Toyota Camry in the United States has been simply amazing. Not only has it been the best-selling car for four straight years now, it has also been the country’s best seller in eight of the last nine years. It has consistently topped its mid-size competitors such as the Honda Accord and the Chevrolet Impala in that period.

Reports say that plans are currently afoot to launch a hybrid Camry later this year as well a fully redesigned version of the Camry in 2007. The general expectation is that Toyota Camry set to be unveiled Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the sedan likely will set the bar high for its competitors.

Understandably, Toyota has been mum about the new Camry, hardly releasing any details. However, according to Jim Press, president and chief operating officer of Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc., it will offer better style, technology and drivability. And it will build on the reputation the nameplate has established in previous incarnations.

Press said he expects the company this year to sell about the nearly the same as the 432,000 Camrys it sold in 2005, but may lose some sales as it switches from offering the old model. He said Toyota strives to keep Camry’s style timeless while keeping in mind the goal of a well-balanced car that satisfies drivers’ needs.


Full Overview of the Toyota Camry Hybrid

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In the midst of universal trepidation of crude oil shortage and at the same time cost of fuel soaring high, several companies have conceptualized and even some initiated ways to play a part to global quest to lessen emission of carbon monoxide and to lessen the continuous increase of gasoline demand. One these companies is the Toyota Motor Corporation, the company who introduced Toyota Camry Hybrid. In bringing the Toyota Camry Hybrid into the market in 2006, the company aims to uphold the mission to support the environment with its cost and energy efficiency features.

The phenomenal success of Toyota Camry Hybrid stretched as far from across the Pacific, namely the countries of Australia and New Zealand, not to mention the company’s home market, Japan and the United States as well. The concept and use of Hybrid vehicles due to its fuel efficiency is now very much popular in every part of the world. The achievement of Toyota Camry Hybrid in terms of sales has been every car maker’s key for them to develop and modify the specification their own hybrid vehicles.

Due to its popularity and high demand in North America, the production is licensed by Toyota’s regional unit Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, where a plant site is situated in Georgetown, Kentucky. Meanwhile, another regional unit in Australia will be conducting a massive research to develop and produce the next generation model of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, which they aim to design and distribute to the Asia-Pacific market hopefully by 2011.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid surpasses the overall rating of its features because apart from encompassing the basic features of the regular and Camry sedan, the combination of gasoline – electric timely power train feature makes this Camry Hybrid model above distinction. More and more consumers find this model’s high efficiency, which makes it very popular throughout the market. In short, the model of this kind makes a unique combination of the specification and feature of any normal Toyota cars and the Camry Sedan making its hybrid specification as the bonus part.

Bearing this information in mind, it leads us to only one conclusion, Toyota Camry Hybrid is a full-pledged hybrid and anyone who plans to purchase this version can do so without batting an eyelash. You will appreciate that the model’s dependability in terms of fuel efficiency, ecological benefits, its cost effectiveness and over all excellence in its specification, makes the Toyota Camry Hybrid an A – lister for most consumers. So if you happen to decide to take this model, kudos to you and enjoy your time driving.

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Why is Prius the Much-loved Toyota?

Why is the Toyota Prius much-loved? One answer may be that Prius shoppers want everyone to know that they are driving a hybrid. But there are numerous reasons to add to the list.

Only a third of Prius owners cited that reason just three years ago, according to CNW, which tracks auto shopping trends. “I really want people to know that I care about the environment,” said Joy Feasley of Philadelphia, the owner of a green 2006 Prius. “I like that people stop and ask me how I like my car.” Dan Becker, the head of the global warming program at the Sierra Club added, “The Prius allowed you to make a green statement with a car for the first time ever.”

This spring, over half of the Prius owners surveyed by CNW Marketing Research of Bandon, Ore., said that the main reason they bought their car was that it makes a statement about them.

Mary Gatch of Charleston, S.C., picked the car over a hybrid version of the Toyota Camry after trading in a Lexus sedan. “I felt like the Camry Hybrid was too subtle for the message I wanted to put out there,” Gatch said. “I wanted to have the biggest impact that I could, and the Prius puts out a clearer message.”

Unlike the original Prius buyers, who wanted to be first with its innovative technology, the latest owners are far more conscious of foreign oil dependence and global warming, said Doug Coleman, Toyota’s product manager for Prius. “Consumer knowledge and consumer awareness is changing,” Coleman said.

Prius sales for the first six months of the year increased 93.7 percent from last year, to 94,503, and the Japanese automaker has already sold close to as many Prius cars as it did in all of 2006.

The Toyota Prius was first embraced by famous celebrities and remains in trend long after most cars have lost their hum. Owners have included Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Billy Joel, and Larry David. David has bought three, including one for his role in the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Now Prius drivers are typically found in cities on the East and West Coasts, and in college towns like Ann Arbor, Mich., and State College, Pa. “You can’t drive across town without seeing half a dozen of them,” said Peter Darnell, a software engineer and Prius owner in Westford, Mass., north of Boston. Darnell admits to feeling smug this year when gasoline prices spiked above $3 a gallon. But that was not the main reason he purchased a Prius. “I have to admit that I’m a granola-crunching liberal, and I really liked the idea of minimizing the impact on the environment,” Darnell said.

Corey Confer, the general sales manager at Joel Confer Toyota in State College, said that he had received calls from as far away as Key West, Fla., from buyers looking for a Prius. His dealership advertises an $800 discount on each vehicle. A number of dealers in the West are adding $2,000 premiums.

Nationwide, Prius sales increased dramatically in May, when gasoline prices rose over $3 a gallon. Worldwide, Toyota has sold over one million Prius cars. Toyota was alarmed to see Prius sales even out last year. But before gas prices hit record levels, Prius sales were climbing again.

Toyota executives have said that they plan to offer a hybrid version of everything the company sells worldwide, perhaps as soon as 2010. That fact could make a fanatic forget about the most fascinating Volkswagen Touareg part. Japanese press reports said that the Japanese automaker may even build Prius into a separate brand, with basic and sporty Prius models.

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