Ralf Confident That Toyota Team Will Make it This Time

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The statement made by German driver Ralf Schumacher has become a morale booster for the team. Ralf Schumacher said that Toyota’s recent stronger form with its racing design Toyota mud flaps convinces him that the team can really become more competitive in the remaining half of the season.

It can be remembered that the German driver has encountered problems with his Toyota race car. He was really trying to set the car up to his liking and was lagging far behind his teammate Jarno Trulli.

According to some rumors circulating Schumacher was on the edge of losing his drive as he repeatedly failed to get past the initial qualifying cut-off. Amazingly, the German driver has bounced back in the last two races and finally qualifying a season-best sixth at Silverstone and at last overtaking Trulli all weekend. He retired early in the grand prix and was sure convinced that this time Toyota has clearly made its point.

Schumacher said, “We clearly have the potential to turn it around. We have good people, the right facilities and we just need to do the job. Everyone is pushing hard so I am quite optimistic. Clearly a double retirement at Silverstone is not satisfactory but the positive element was the sixth place in qualifying. That was representative and I had good lap times while I was still in the race.”

The German Toyota driver also admitted that despite the improvement and all Toyota still remains a little inconsistent. He said, “Under certain circumstances our car is very competitive. We have seen it in Barcelona and we looked good in terms of pace in Magny-Cours too, but we had problems so we didn’t get the results we wanted. We just need to extend that window a bit. Over the last few races I’ve become increasingly comfortable with my set-up and the whole team is working hard as we chase a successful second half of the year.”

After this week’s test at Spa, the German driver is convinced that the Belgian track might just turned out to be one of the venues that would bring out the true strength of Toyota.

Schumacher said, “The car performed well overall so we can look forward to the race here with confidence. We were quick in Silverstone and this track has similar characteristics with a lot of high speed corners so it should suit us when we come here in September.”

By: Kaye Leery

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How Buying a Used Toyota Vehicle Can Help Young Drivers Save Money


The United States is currently facing somewhat of an economic crisis, and saving any little bit of money can significantly help your financial future. As the nation faces serious threats of a recession, money-conscious citizens should take every action that they can to spend less, earn more and save as much as possible. Careless and irresponsible spending habits can quickly and easily place a person in a metaphorical economic ditch, and it can take months, or even years, to dig oneself out.

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Buying a reliable used Pittsburgh Toyota car, like the Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon, is one of the many ways that recent college graduates or twenty-somethings can save money and spend less. Pittsburgh Toyota cars are considerably less expensive than new cars, do not depreciate as quickly in value as new vehicles and can still provide a young buyer with several years of dependable driving.

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If possible, it is smart to pay for your new Toyota car, truck or SUV in cash. Avoiding taking out a loan from a local bank will help you save significant money on interest charges.


Toyota: Leading to Number One Position

In the last few months, it had been in the news report that some of the world’s largest automakers are facing the declining period. General Motors is one of them and on the other hand Toyota is getting extreme primacy in the market. It is the belief of some of the experts that by the end of this year, Toyota will lead the General Motors is number of sales but there are some who are expressing a caution in regard of this assessment. So the question still remained unanswered, whether Toyota will rule the auto-market or General Motors will be able to maintain its positions and authority.

Neck to neck competition between Toyota and General Motors: -

The main thing that matters in this world which tells about the number one position of the company is the prestige. If a company is holding the top place, then it means that consumers will be attracted by the reputation of the company and all the company is laying at the top of the game. So when experts talk about Toyota then it was revealed that they are working very hard to reach the heights of success. So, if one is trying is so hard then why must devoid the first rank.

Enhancing features and technologies of Toyota: -

Another reason for the popularity of the Toyota is the company had already moved to the hybrid technology which is proving to be much superior to the average model cars. It had been noted that the cars which are running on the hybrid technology from Toyota are able to produce an average of 40 MPG gas mileage and this average moves to 38 MPG on highways.

The engine in the present Toyota models is 4-cylinder engine which is mainly using gasoline as the main fuel. Besides this, the maximum capacity is 30 KW on 245V battery or 40 horsepower. Maximum power can peaks up to 192 or 140 kilowatts. Besides the capacity of the gasoline engine can be 2.4 liters. On the other hand the electric motor is of 45 horsepower. Another good thing about the latest engine technology in the Toyota car models is that engine can maintain the power band efficiently and this can be done with the help of CVT which constantly transfer front wheels.

Another new technology which is engraved by Toyota is the Hybrid Synergy Drive which always keep the engine in the first gear if the speed of the car changes. The best thing about Toyota is that all the car models are based on perfect reviews and test drives and then only launched in market. This results in fine acceleration about the models particularly in heavy traffics.